Okay so above is the tweet that activated the online social media keyboard warrior side of my brain. On the right is the verbal response I had to this outrageous story, and below is a deeper explanation for those who don’t want to, or are unable to watch the video.

He’s All That” is a Netflix remake of the 90s Box-office bullshit that was “She’s All That,” and the even worse (Chris Evans what the FUCK were you thinking) “comedy” follow-up “Not Another Teen Movie”

Now, I understand that 90’s remakes are all the fucking rage, but there’s a reason that those who were raised in the 90s left that shit in the fucking 90’s, it’s because it was fucking terrible.

Yes we had some super great dramatic romantic comedies but we also had the shit that is She’s All That that told young girls they had to change EVERYTHING about themselves in order to appeal to a guy. Much like that Aly character in The Breakfast Club.

In the 80s and 90s people were constantly telling girls to remain small, telling girls in public they can be anything, but then showing them media that didn’t represent them, or their values and usually centered around a young girl who was pissed off/angry/sad/miserable/broken hearted over a guy.

Sure there was sometimes the anomalistic gay character who was TOTALLY allowed to be gay, as long as he/she/they/them never actually DID anything about their gayness, or their inability to come out of the closet.

So for a lot of us we didn’t know that we NEEDED to fight for women’s rights, we didn’t know that we HAD to stand up for ourselves, we didn’t know we HAD to fight, because on one hand they were telling us how to avoid having to defend ourselves at all costs, and on the other they were ignoring us when we were being raped and abused.

I don’t know about YOUR western world experience, but what I DO know is that for me I was constantly told I didn’t need to fight, and so I couldn’t fight back when I got raped. And so when I “joined” Anonymous back in the day, I didn’t really think about the fact that they were angry about some of the things that I was angry about and I appreciated that.

  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Rape
  • Torture
  • Government lies

All the things that I dealt with on a daily basis and I was “finding words,” to figure out how to fit into this new world of the 20’s where suddenly people were not only ALLOWED to talk about the uncomfortable shit but also encouraged.

And then………..I got gangraped again, and I had to pull back into myself, I had to do what I’d been taught to do, I got small and quiet and I didn’t talk about it, but I also got REALLY fucking angry.

I’d already been raped more than twenty times in my life in variously horrible and awful ways, why was it ALWAYS me? ALL the time? Largely because people around the world are shit, specifically white supremacist racist types in my hometown, but in places like Israel and Pakistan, Europe and Egypt, they aren’t always white, and women have a LOT further to go in those places than they do in Canada….but do they?

About 4 per cent of women incarcerated in state prisons across the U.S. were pregnant when they were jailed, according to a new study released Thursday that researchers hope will help lawmakers and prisons better consider the health of women behind bars.

CTV.CA 2019

The quote on the left is from a piece written by Colleen Long from the Associated Press in 2019.

That’s just America, I assure you that I personally feel like it’s probably higher in a place like Israel. I want to show you something. Maybe this will make it very clear what our sisters are facing around the world.

That’s not a lot of time for the world to watch as Palestine is slowly and systematically destroyed, and the interesting thing, at least to me is that this is the first time I have Genuinely cared. It’s not that I didn’t care BEFORE today, it’s that before today my focus was on trying to center myself and figure out which version of me I wanted to be, because I am dealing with a LOT of trauma, and not a ton of super understanding support systems.

It’s not that they don’t want to understand, it’s that I am just trying to figure out how to translate it to myself, let alone to someone else, so I wasn’t able to focus on what was happening in Palestine and Israel. It was sort of just one more thing on my radar that I couldn’t fully deal with at the time.

And then this story about Anhar came across my twitter stream and I am not going to lie, I’m angrier about this than I probably should be considering how little information I have, but one of the things that I do know is that if you put an Israeli Supremacist in the same room as a Palestinian, the Israel supremacist is going to try to kill first, because they have been proving that they ALWAYS do.

Whatever the Israel government CAN do to cause needless harm, murder, rape, torture, and genocide against the Palestinian people they will do, simply because LITERALLY no one will stop them.

The day that it was announced the Taliban was returning to Afghanistan, my heart just did a double take, the moment that Biden announced he was sending service members back in my fucking brain broke.

The Afghanistan war lasted 20 fucking years, so you can get your ass that us 90’s kids and our parents are pretty fucking sick to death of war, but at the same token, WE know what it is that we’re fighting for.

We want:

  • Clean water for ourselves and our children
  • we want Indigenous folks to have access to their land, food, education, and a system of economics that doesn’t continue to systematically destroy what is left of the great Ancient tribes from our global past.
  • We want women to go to bed at night feeling safe in their bedrooms, and even safer at work and in the world.
  • We want animals to be treated with respect, and finally

Let me tell you something, I’ve been raped by men with big dicks, and I’ve been beaten up and forced to give hand jobs to guys with the tiniest dicks that are so small you feel like you’re doing something unclean (think Dead-Pool) BIG DICKS DO NOT IMPRESS GOD. I ASSURE YOU. I KNOW THIS WE TALKED AND HE SAID YOU’RE ALL FUCKING IDIOTS.

Men around the world need to stop equating leadership, strenght, power, and ability to change the world with how much of the planet they can destroy by tearing down those who don’t have access to the weapons they do.

Just because you CAN press the button that says “BLOW UP THE PLANET BY DESTROYING ALL THE WOMEN CHILDREN AND MOST INNOCENT IN THE WORLD AND THEN SAY YOU DID IT FOR GOD,” probably does not mean that you should.

Look I get that Palestine has their beliefs about God, and that Israel has their beliefs, but there was a scientific study that once said that BOTH sides were GENETICALLY related, which means you are COUSINS, so when you kill in Palestine, when you abuse their women, you abuse your cousins.

Your nieces, your daughters, your friends family members. And if that doesn’t convince you maybe consider the fact that that woman sitting in a prison cell in one of the worst Hellscapes on this fucking planet waiting to give birth, is a woman just like the mother of the man who has the power to release her.

In 2006 women around the world declared war on being treated as if our pain didn’t matter, as if our stories, as if our journey’s were not important. Where the fuck are you now? If you are proclaiming that you are a feminist, if you are saying that you stand by colored girls, if you are telling me through social media that MY life matters, then fucking prove it.

I don’t know if Anonymous is out there or not, I don’t know if they have access to secret files, and I don’t fucking care, what I DO know is that a 25 year old woman named Anhar is about to give birth in a prison made of stone, dirt, and iron, in a place were women are raped and tortured simply because there’s nothing better to do for the guards who work in these places.

Where are you now? Where is Anhar’s army? This should be one of Anhar’s best times of her life. Preparing for her new baby, celebrating with her family and friends, not being stuck in a cold, dirty, disgusting prison where they starve, rape, beat, and torture women simply for existing.

Where are you?

I can’t fly in and take you out, but I hear you Sister,

Sending all my love to the women who are going through what Anhar is right now, being pregnant in prison,

Devon J Hall

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