I decided to get a bit inventive today and I wrote myself a letter, from my future, how cool is that?! Talk about manifesting dreams and futures. Check out what my future self had to say to my current self in the post below.

TOO Many Times I was left BEHIND Walking With People Who Wanted To Set Fire To Me So They Could WATCH someone ELSE ride in the LIMO

Okay, you didn’t have a choice about your past, but your future? That’s all you. You can’t change what happened, and what happened was NOT your fault, but this is what the world COULD look like in the future:

Now I am going to explain this slowly, you are reading this post on August 18th 2021, but it was written on 2098, which makes “us” 78 on the day this post is ACTUALLY being written.

I have spent half my life looking at my future wondering when I was going to get “there” and half my life whispering “one day Little, one Day,” some days I ignore the little voice inside my head because honestly? She’s a little psychotic.

To be fair she’s been through a lot, and she’s had some of the most evil shit done to her, and so sometimes she gets a little more afraid than “I” think is necessary, but being that I am where I am today, I totally understand.

They say that you are supposed to manifest your OWN destiny, so here goes, here is what we’ve accomplish in the last 38 years:

  • Child sex crimes require a minimum of 76 years in prison, regardless of how much damage the perpetrator THINKS they have caused to the victims.
  • You’re not alone anymore, the future is filled with people who love you, depend on you, respect you, and help you whenever they are able, and there is ALWAYS someone who is booth able AND willing.
  • Your dreams have grown, evolved, and shifted over the years, and yes even thorough you learned it from an abusive prick, you HAVE learned to shift your reality.
  • You have an excellent computer system, and an entire staff that is paid to support anti-childhood sex trafficking around the world.
  • You still own and operate Loud Mouth Brown Girl, but there are different departments now, including but not limited to:
    • Fashion
    • Food
    • Philosophy
    • Literature
    • Education
    • Cannabis
    • Spiritual Retreats
    • Safe travel adventures for women (YES EVEN 38 YEARS IN THE FUTURE, TRANS WOMEN ARE STILL WOMEN)
    • Brown Girl Survival Kits
    • Dispensaries
    • AND you own 15% in the first ever Surrey British Columbia Riverside Quay. (Built by a former Gangster, and a bunch of Hollywood Actors no less!)
    • Oh and your dream of working with the WWE and Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, Natalia, The Boss and hundreds of beautiful women from the industry?? Yeah that shit happened.
    • OH! And you finally have your OWN fuck off Island.

There are thousand other things that I want to tell you about the future, yes, flying cars, but you already have that in 2021 so that’s not really a huge surprise is it? Aliens have come and gone, and we’re just used to it now.

There are so many wonderful people that you’ve met, and that you have yet to meet. You’ve done a million interviews and now you have an entire makeup team, and yes you got that boob job and it’s MUCH better with smaller more manageable boobs. Guys know if they mess with you now, they have your ENTIRE security team to deal with.

You live in a place that you love, that brings you a sense of calm and serenity in a world filled with chaos, and you have the kind of family you always wanted. There is always someone to call, or someone to hang out with, and you have just as much time to relax as you could possibly need, so no, we’re not tired ALL the fucking time anymore.

You have made your dreams come true with a LOT of help, but you also helped make the dreams of other Brown girls come true, and that’s the absolute best fucking part. The demons of the past no longer have a hold on your ankles, because you have flown way higher than they can handle, and they had to let go or risk death if they hung on.

There are people who love you, and there are people who hate you and have 0 problem telling you so, but literally none of that matters because this website still stands as a legacy, to the testament that you my darling, can survive anything the universe throws at you.

The people you THOUGHT you missed out on meeting have FINALLY showed up, and 90s music is still the best music in this dimension (seriously it’s gotten so fucking bad.)

You drive finally, but it’s not your favorite, because you can’t smoke a joint and drive. (STUPID)

I am sitting here in a room filled with people, wearing the white suit I promised myself I would be wearing on the day that I wrote this letter and I just laughed out loud, largely because I JUST remembered that I wrote this letter, and that today of all days, it is your fingers typing it, and that’s just such a wonderful letter.

As a child we looked at our experience of being traumatized and raped by grown man as a mission from God and the CIA, today we look at it as training so that we can say that we were soldiers who fought our asses off, (literally), so that other kids didn’t have to experience what we did.

Today I have a team of about fifteen people, and we’re looking at about two thousand photos of Brown girls from around the worlds. In their own right they exemplify the meaning of the words Loud, Mouth, Brown, and Girl.

We are looking for “The NXT Loud Mouth,” someone who will learn how to, and then eventually take LMBG into the next generation of Loud Mouth Brown Girls. We have girls from Pakistan, Iran, Italy, France, Paris, England, Canada, USA, we have girls who want to study science, math, literature, politics, business. Each of them want, and one of them will receive, the chance to learn from US (me) about starting their own business from the ground up.

We have young women who have faced some of the dumbest, most evil shit, the world has to offer, and they have gotten up and asked “What else you got?”

We’ve been to film and theater premieres on the biggest and the smallest stages, and we have accomplished all the things that we thought we COULD accomplish, if people just let us be ourselves. We fought for that right, and now we continued to fight so that other people have that right. Honestly it’s not that surprising, but it is humbling, to see how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go.

We finally got too have a beer with Michelle, We sat and talked with O about the universe, we decided who to love, and who too let go of, and we realized that no matter what decision we made in our future, we are not to blame for the things that were done TO us, as children.

Today of all days I am writing this letter to tell you that we did it. We did all the things we THOUGHT we could do, and now we’re watching other young Brown girls Become the Brown girls THEY needed when THEY were growing up, and it’s soo fucking cool. So on days when you think that life is hard, when you think that you can’t get up, when you’re ashamed because of doing whatever you had to do to survive, just remember: We’re doing all the things.

We’re doing it without asking men for permission, we’re doing it by making other people uncomfortable, and we did it by making sure that we did what WE had to do, to be the best version of ourselves.

You are living your best life, because you earned it, you worked for it, and you damned well stole it from those who tried to destroy it before it ever happened. I couldn’t be more proud to have come from you.

Thank you for doing what you had to do, in order for me to exist.

And to all the people who rode along side us even when we were walking…..we saw you, we heard you, we did what WE had to do, thanks for going back to catch up with us.

Sending all my love,

The Evolution of Devon J Hall

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