WARNING: This post contains conversations about slavery, abuse, rape, torture, and trauma. Please practice self care when reading this post.

400 years ago, white men and women trapesed across the seven seas on giant shipping boats, that they then filled with the human bodies of Black men, women, and children.

They forced those bodies to climb on those ships, where the white men then raped them, beat them, tortured them, and then forced them into slave labor where the cruelties continued until slavery was abolished in 1865.

The problem however is that the behaviors of white slave owners was taught to their white sons, who passed that behavior on to their sons, and on and on and on it went, until the early 50s when Black folk specifically, said enough was enough and started fighting back.

Martin Luther King, John Lewis, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman and many others came out to say that the way that Black folk treated was not only cruel, evil, and immoral, but that it was against the God their ancestors had been beaten and brainwashed into believing in.

These men and women rose up and in return they were beaten with sticks and rocks, they were called Nigger, and treated as if they were less than human for no other reason than they had the audacity to born as anything “other” than white.

When I was fifteen grown men pretending to be bikers broke into my house and raped me on a repeated basis, before forcing me to lay next to boys they were training to have sex. The boys were supposed to rape me, some did, others did not, some spoke, others cried, and when the grown men were done with me they tried to brainwash me into forgetting.

It worked for awhile, the memories were always there at the corner of my mind, but I never allowed myself to focus on them, because I wasn’t ready to deal with the amount of trauma that my brain was hiding from me.

As many of you know the memories started coming back on the day that I was arrested for being Brown on a plane, I mean having a panic attack on an airplane, and they haven’t really stopped.

I shared a lot of what happened on this blog in the early days, but I took it down when I regained my senses and decided that I wanted to use this blog to do something that actually helped people, instead of using it to put a bullseye on my back.

I am telling you this story today, because today I realized the full weight of the grip that white supremacy had on my life. There are still men in this city who think that they “own me” and that’s specifically because white supremacy has taught them that they have the right to think that they can own another living human being the way they can a car, or a garbage can.

The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, 2 December, marks the date of the adoption, by the General Assembly, of the United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others (resolution 317(IV) of 2 December 1949)

The problem is that slavery happens today in very real places around the world, there is every chance that it’s happening in the apartment next door, but we as humans are not trained to recognize trauma and abuse, the way we should be after 400 years of historical records.

From farmers who are imported from around the world, to children sold as sex slaves, slavery happens every single day. There are just as many Government officials involved with human trafficking as there are Cartel leaders and gang bangers, and we ignore it because we can’t fathom that the evils of 400 years ago are still happening today.

And yet all across Europe, America, Canada, and even Asia, we are seeing signs of “racial supremacy” destroying the lives of innocent people in the name of God, but mostly in the name of Power, wrapped in the vein of God to hide the true evils of this world.

According to the Pew Center in America, Child marriages still happen in (mostly) the southern United States, but not exclusively. There are whole families who are built on the idea of Child marriage.

It happens in India, Africa, Europe, and all over the world because children are an expensive commodity, and if they can pay their way by being forced to spread their legs why the hell not right?

The world is literally burning, and while that’s an important issue to focus on, what gets me is how many of these rich celebrity white savior types are so focused on doing anything but the real work.

“What good is saving children from child slavery if the world burns?”

“What good is saving the world if there are no children left to enjoy it?”

It’s a catch 22 situation that we’re in, but this is the hill that I personally am choosing to die on. I’ve been fairly quiet on Jeffery Epstein for a lot of reasons, but mostly because for me personally, having been a victim of child sex slavery and trafficking, I am super keenly aware that this conversation causes me harm.

That being said, this piece of shit giant goof motherfucker went to parties with some of the worlds most famous celebrities. You can bet that there is every chance in the world YOUR favorite celebrity was at a party with Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffery Epstein, whether they liked it or not, because it was about pushing their career forward.

Each of these men have been accused of child sexual trafficking, though so far we haven’t been able to prove it in Trump’s case or Epstein’s because Epstein was murdered, gee I wonder why.

Now the world is loosing it’s collective mind because the world’s three most famous and wealthy billionaires are racing to get their stupid dumb lazy selfish cunt asses into space. I hope they fucking stay there.

I use Amazon because it is a vehicle to sell my book, and I will continue to sell my book through that platform until I can find something better, but that being said, that doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize how fucking selfish and evil Jeff Bezos is.

These three men: Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos could END child sex trafficking in this world if they wanted to, but not a single one of them has done a God damned thing to address this issue because it doesn’t affect them.

It affects Brown and Black girls like me, and yes even young white girls who don’t even have the energy to dream of going to space in a fancy spaceship, because we’re too busy trying to survive the men (and women) who believe that the color of their skin means they can do whatever they want to us and get away with it.

I am tired of living in a world where whiteness – specifically in North America because that’s “my experience”, and “supremacy” in places like Asia and Europe, are destroying the lives of those of us who are too little to fight back.

I know that the environment is a hot button issue, and I know that it’s important, I am just wondering if today for no other reason than today is a day, you could spare a thought for all the children who aren’t yours. Who aren’t safe, who are still stuck in the shadowy clingy world of “being owned by white people,” because they need your thoughts.

They also need your action.

Here is a list of organizations that work with children and, or adults, who have been sexually or otherwise trafficked, you can support them by donating money, time or even taking a second to craft a tweet and let the world they know they exist.

I am no longer owned by the men who believed that they had the right to control me because they were white and had a penis. I am no longer listening to them when they say “you are not allowed”, which is a mantra I hear almost hourly in my head. I am doing what I want to do regardless of what they think, because I am no longer allowing myself to be a victim. I WAS a victim, now I am a survivor, and survivors don’t let people bully and abuse them.

We kick you in the nuts and remind you that you are a low pathetic sorry ass excuse for human garbage and we do everything we can to put you back in the cage where you belong.

This post is dedicated to The Diamond of Lithuania. You are forever in my thoughts Diamante.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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