I saw a video today of a man who was beaten by a white supremacist rioting maga supporting douchebag with a fire extinguisher, the man who was beaten did not die, but he was a cop. When I posted that I wasn’t okay with what happened to the cop the response was instantaneous, “since when the fuck do we care about cops?” was the tweet I received in return.

I mean I was arrested for having a panic attack, so believe me I get it, fuck the police has been known to come out of my mouth a time or two, but that being said, this particular cop was beaten and abused for actually doing his job, while trying to protect the capitol and the senators and members of the house that were stuck inside.

Here’s the thing…given the choice between a good cop, and a bad white supremacist, I’ll choose the cop any fucking day. These men and women put their lives on the line to protect the very same people fighting for Democracy across all the lands.

Here’s the thing about American politics, unlike any other country, America has it’s hands in a lot of different pots, which means that every country on the planet is affected by what happens in America, what happened in America can and will happen in England, Scotland, Canada, Egypt, Africa.

QAnon was designated a terrorist threat 2019 I believe, correct me in the comments if I am wrong, but is that enough? The answer is unequivocally no. There are hundreds of thousands of these groups around the world, and where they exist, there are lives in danger of being lost by their dangerous conspiracy theories and their willingness to engage in domestic terrorism.

Women, children, and people of color especially, are literally in a fight for their lives, for the right to exist in a world that wants us to know that our lives matter less than our white counterparts and you want me to unify at the same table as people who want me dead because of the color of my skin and my gender?

Fuck all the way off. Twice.

I don’t have enough fuck you’s for you, and I wish that I could break something so that I can deal with all this anger that I am holding back, because I am so frustrated, and so tired. Today of all days all I did was sleep, because I just needed a few hours when I wasn’t paying attention to the horrors that the world is facing.

When I woke up I was legitimately traumatized by the act of waking up, I actually had go back and lay down AGAIN just to recover from the fact that I was ripped away from my safety place.

Depression is something that I deal with every single day, it’s something that I am constantly fighting against, so I understand white supremacists who are stuck in a loop of emotional trauma, what I don’t understand is why it is expected that not only do I carry their pain, but then I am supposed to also understand how they feel, in order to make them feel better about the choices they make that affect my life.

Um, no?

I have enough trouble just trying to deal with my own problems, I don’t have the energy to step up and take on anyone else’s emotional trauma so that they don’t have to do the fucking work.

“Wha wha boo hoo my life sucks so I think I’ll go to a riot and murder a cop,” let me make this very clear, the blood of Ashlii Babbit rests entirely on the hands of the men and the women who convinced her that rioting at the capitol building was a good idea.

Yeah these people have mental health issues, and yes they are disenfranchised, and yes they are angry and dealing with PTSD, but so the fuck am I and I’m not trying to murder cops?

Five people died on January 6th and the people who were responsible for their deaths were allowed to go home and about their business, they are allowed to do whatever they want, because they are white, that’s the epitome of their beliefs. “My whiteness will protect me from accountability” is a brainwashing tool that white supremacists have been using for centuries, and largely it has worked.

For the first time in their lives they are being held accountable for their actions, and now they want unity? Where the fuck was the unity when George Floyd was murdered on live television? Where was the unity when Breonna Taylor was murdered while she was sleeping? Where was the unity when Ahmaud Arbery was chased down and murdered in the streets like an animal?

Why is it you only want unity when you find out that we’re not willing to cave to white supremacy? Why do you only want unity when it benefits you? When the elections come around people are going to remember you raising your fist Josh Hawley, they are going to remember Ted Cruz that you told the white supremacists to storm the capitol, they are going to remember Donald Trump that you said you loved them and would be marching with you.

People are going to remember that you threw thousands of people under the bus just to see if you could mount an insurrection, and I don’t just want the heads of the rioters on a pike, I want the names and faces of every Senator, Governor, and elected official was involved in pulling off this attempted coup.

I want them to lose their jobs, I want them to lose everything about their lives that matters, and then I want them to continue to shout shit like “you’re doing this to me because I’m white, you fucking racist,” I want them to know what it’s like to be absolutely terrified of being ostracized for their backwards, back water, racist beliefs.

I absolutely want to make these people famous not so they have a larger platform, but so that the world knows they are dangerous and absolutely willing to risk everything for what they believe in.

During the Black Lives Matter protests they attended and pretended to march with our armies of BLM supporters, while rioting in the streets and blaming those very same BLM protesters, we saw what these people are capable of on January 6th, and what they are willing to do to get their points across.

I will never sit at the same table as a white supremacist, or a domestic terrorist in an effort to “come together”, I don’t want to come together with these people, I want them locked away from the rest of the people on this planet.

There are so many of us trying to change the world, trying to do the best that we can every single day to make sure our kids feel safe, protected, loved, and taken care of. Those are the people sitting at my table, the ones actually doing the work on themselves so that they can be the best versions of themselves for their entire community.

Fuck Nazi’s and fuck Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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