Last week Jeffrey Toobin pulled his penis out during a zoom call and started to masturbate. Now at first I didn’t see this as a big deal, because “white man does something super offensive, stupid and gross,” is just another fucking day that ends in Y.

However! Jeffrey Toobin just happens to work for Conde Nast, which is one of the biggest publishing companies on the fucking planet. If you want to work in Journalism, that’s kind of the “gold standard”, I have no interest in journalism, but even I know that much.

One more man in a place of power, taking his pants off and assuming that everyone wants to see his dick, is not a fucking day that ends in Y. It’s a God damned pandemic, and it’s one that we can actually fix and solve.

Men just need to learn to keep their pants on, which says a lot because frankly, that’s a lesson you should have learned the moment you learned to put the damned things on in the first fucking place.

I am so tired of people feeling sorry for the men who abuse women. I’ve been watching it happen for the last couple of years, and with all the defenses of Jeffrey Toobin and his behavior, I am not surprised, but I am absolutely pissed off.

People seem to be willing – women are included in that “people” -, to defend any man anything, but they never consider what happens to the victims of the behavior of these men.

I was gang raped, and when I was gang raped, I was tied up, beaten, and drugged. Every single day of my life I am reminded of the fact that I survived, because every day of my life I see more and more survivors coming out and sharing their stories. It doesn’t make me feel less alone, it fucking triggers the crap out of me.

What’s the easy answer here, turn off the news and the computer? Then what? I’d be isolating myself from the world just to cut off the news of all the men who are abusive pricks, when the easy solution, the best solution, is for men to stop being abusive pricks.

Do you think about all the lives that have been ruined by these men before you rush to defend them? Do you consider all the pain and sorrow that they have caused through years and years of abuse?

And it’s not just the physical trauma of feeling like your body has been violated, it’s the spiritual trauma of trying to reconcile what happened to you, with your belief and understanding of God. It’s the emotional trauma of knowing that someone you respected/trusted/loved/cared about/didn’t even know, decided to make you feel like your life was no more important than a bug they can squish.

It’s years and years of scar tissue that builds up until you fucking explode and lose your shit. It’s years of trying to find a therapist who can understand, and while I know that we’re all supposed to be good Christian’s who forgive those who tresspass against us, I’m not Christian.

I just decided that, my entire life I have tried to be the kind of Christian that God could be proud of, and now I just don’t give a fuck. If God’s going to send me to hell because I advocate the idea that all sexual abusers should be kicked in the nuts repeatedly, then so fucking be it.

I’m okay with that, I’ll take my punishment like a champ, because I’d rather serve in hell then live in a place that expects women to take abuse from men without ever fighting back against this bullshit.

The Patriarchy was set up centuries ago, and all these years later we’re realizing that this system doesn’t fucking work. There are more women on this planet then there are men, and yet somehow we’re the ones who have to literally carry the weight of the world on our fucking shoulders.

Centuries ago myths were written about the Amazons, they lived in the jungle and they raised men to be their guardians and protectors, while raising women to be warriors who ran the world and protected the tribes. Then they sent the men away with all the knowledge they could share, and lived on their own, and they survived beautifully. There are still pocket societies around the world where women are in charge.

We need to go the fuck back to that shit.

I’m tired of men getting away with shit that ends up making the entire planet suffer, so if those three dipfucks end up dying in prison, I’ll drink to their deaths and promise to see them in hell before I die.

I don’t give a fuck if they rot until the flesh falls from their bones, they deserve what they get and they’ll get no empathy from me.

Rapists don’t deserve empathy.

Devon J Hall

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