I don’t know what to say, that I haven’t already said. People are being lied to, legit lied to about what Donald Trump has been up to for the last four years.

Donald Trump, I recognize now in ways I didn’t as a child, has always had a love relationship with the press. No matter what he does, they give him exactly the amount of attention that he wants.

Without “Journalism” Donald Trump wouldn’t have taken the white house four years ago. They made him famous and now as he is quickly becoming the biggest laughing stock on the planet, they are giving him even more attention.

They used him to sell papers for years, if anyone should pay his tax bill it should be the journalists of the world.

I am disgusted with the fact that I eat up news about Donald Trump – I am absolutely gluttoness for information about what is happening on this Earth and yet at the same time I am absolutely disgusted by every bit that I consume.

I find myself watching Big Bang Theory episodes over and over again, a hundred thousand times over, because I need something to help me turn off my brain so that I can write.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being made on news about Donald Trump from hundreds of books about what it’s like to be in his presence to how dastardly evil he is when no one is looking.

Or hell, even when they are fucking looking, anyone remember “grab em by the pussy?” or has so much happened that we forgot Donald Trump is directly responsible for the rise of the Women’s March and the Me Too movement?

Without men like Donald Trump in the world we’d have nothing to talk about, we’d certainly never have anything to fight about, so is that it? Do we allow men like him to rise out of boredom and need for adventure?

For many of us this is the Harry Potter vs Voldemort fight, it’s our Mount Doom, for many of us it’s life or death. Two hundred thousand people and counting are dead in America so that those of you in his orbit have a good story to tell.

Are you shamed yet? You fucking should be. To each of you that enabled him, wrote stories about him, made money off your experience with him, sharing your stories specifically to make a dollar off of the king of corruption, fucking shame on you.

I used to want to be a journalist, but I realized that journalism is less about telling the truth these days, if it ever was, and more about selling papers. Journalism and news are just pretty words for gossip.

A guy heard it from a girl, who heard it from another person, who heard it from several others, and that information made it into the right ear, and that ear was able to take that information and share it on a large enough platform than the rest of us get to hear it.

That’s how Donald Trump became president, a lot of disinformation, a lot of lies, a lot of corruption and a lot of bullshit.

But how did he get security clearence? If you work that high in the government, you’re supposed to be incorruptable, you’re supposed to go through security clearence checks to make sure you can’t be corrupted.

So shame on every single person who investigated Donald Trump and allowed him to get where he is. Shame on every single one of you who destroyed Hillary Clinton’s career because the idea of having a con man in office was less offensive then having a vagina carrying human in that office.

Shame on all of you who capitulated and allowed the most corrupt, broke ass white man on the planet to become President because you’re afraid of a woman.

You fucking disgust me, and I see you for what you are now, this isn’t about tax returns, it’s proof that the patriarchy is going to fight with everything it has before it is willing to give in, and I am absolutely not afraid of that fight.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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