I hope this day goes down in the books of history forever. I hope every single person on earth, remembers today as the day that the world learned the unfortunate death of a Black woman, at the hands of cops who had no idea what they were doing, didn’t matter.

That’s what the Justice department has told the world today. That Breonna Taylor’s death didn’t fucking matter. They told the world that what the cops did was not in fact wrong, even though they were in the wrong house, looking for someone who was already in jail at the time. Even though the cops shot at an unarmed woman who climbed out of bed just so she could die.

I hope today goes down in the history books as the International Day of Some Kinda Bullshit.

I’m fucking over it. Breonna Taylor did nothing wrong. She did absolutely wrong. She was murdered while sleeping, for crying out loud, and the Justice department has now armed the police in that state with precedent. Which means that when this happens again, and mark my words, it absolutely will, lawyers will be able to point to the death of Breonna Taylor as evidence of innocence.

So yeah, I hope y’all remember today as the day of Some Kinda Bullshit day.

Nothing is more unfair than what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery this past summer, nothing is more cruel, or more evil, and it must be remembered that Black people are still fighting, for at the very least, basic human rights.

The right to breath.

The right to sleep.

The right to go for a run.

The right to wear a hoodie.

The right to live without the fear that they will be gunned down in the streets for existing.

It must be said that Black people deserve better, and until they get it, America will never truly be the land of the free.

Don Lemon is calling for expression of grief, anger, disappointment, but asking us to focus our energies on things that we can control, he’s asking us to remain civil, without actually saying the words.

Why? At what point are we allowed to express our anger? our grief? How are we going to change anything if people won’t listen? Do you think I believe people in power read this blog? of course not, but the only way I can express my anger, my rage, my pain, is to write about it. It’s the only thing that helps, and the hope that one day I will have a seat at the table where my voice has the power to affect change.

Until then I am doing what I can, because it’s what feels good and to be honest with you, I can’t blame the protesters, if they weren’t out there, things would be a lot worse. I keep being drawn back to the film of V for Vendetta, and how important a message that story is.

I keep coming back to this idea that remaining civil in the face of what amounts to mass murder and treason is just something that I don’t think many people are comfortable with. I know it’s sure as fuck not something that I am comfortable with.

Remaining silent isn’t a fucking option right now, and I don’t think that it will ever be an option.

Especially when Donald Trump opens his pumpkin ass face to refuse to commit to offering a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. Now there are rumors that he’s trying to make sure he wins by whatever means necessary.

How many more proof do you need that this man and his government are a danger not only to the American’s, but to the rest of the world. The faster the virus spreads across America, the longer it takes for them to break the cycle of this virus, the more likely the virus is going to continue to spread across Canada, and eventually the world.

This is the part of the movie they never show you, this is the part of the film that forces society to reinvent itself into something that’s even more controlled and terribly designed then the one we’re currently living through.

At this point Donald Trump isn’t just an American problem, he’s a fucking Global Problem, and he’s proven that time and time again. It’s time that someone, and every one, step up and show the GOP where men like Donald Trump and Mitch McConnel belong.

Preferably by returning them to the ninth circle of hell from whence they were raised.

Sending all my love, to the family of Breonna Taylor, who learned tonight that Justice will never be named in their daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, loved ones, honor,

Devon J Hall

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