So I’ve been up to a lot lately. I’ve been working hard on lining people up for the Podcast, Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations. I’ve been designing shirts like crazy and now I have more than twenty different designs, and I’ve been working on my fictional blog La Lumiere Magazine. Oh yeah and my Newsletter.

That’s a lot of work for someone who isn’t getting paid and I am not complaining, I am really proud of the work that I am putting out into the world. I am just saying that I’ve been busy making my time here matter.

This week I am interviewing Emily the Feminist, Anne, the Profane Feminist and Michelle Guido, another Feminist and we’re doing it together and I am very excited.

I am excited because I’ve been working so hard, and I am starting to see the payoff. By payoff, I mean people are taking my work in. They are responding to it through reads and downloads and that means the world to me.

It matters more that people are taking it in, then the money does. Don’t get me wrong, seeing those payout numbers go up on T-Spring are fucking awesome, and seeing people participate in buying me a coffee is special, but at my core, it’s about connecting to the people that matters most to me.

Recently someone said that I was a part of their healing journey and that just makes me want to cry. Me? What the hell do I have to offer? as it turns out a lot.

Each of us has experienced something in some way that can help another person, it’s all about how we look at the experience.

I’ve been using the phrase “I feel that” or “I hear that” a lot, lately, because I genuinely do understand where a lot of people are coming from when they say they are tired or exhausted. When they say they are scared or frustrated. I fucking get it.

I’m scared and frustrated to. I want the world to go back to normal, but I also don’t want more people to die.

My kitten Little Bit, is absolutely terrified of my mom. Sure she’ll go to mom when she’s getting treats, but otherwise she doesn’t really know my mom so she tends to stay away. Honey Bee has decided mom is okay for a cuddle every once in awhile.

I’ve been trying to focus on writing posts that matter – talk about topics that affect a wide variety of people, but I also like checking in with you guys and letting you know where I am at.

This website is starting to feel more like a magazine then it does a blog, and honestly I am really liking the look and the feel. I thought I wanted each post to be branded with LMBG images, but I love the way that Pexels allows me to use a variety of images that make it feel more like….a real website, instead of just a blog.

Right now the kittens are curled up beside me, which is becoming more and more of a habit that I quite like. There is something about having cats curled up around you when you are writing that just feels right.

I hope you all have a wonderful week,

Love always,

Devon J Hall

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