Everyone wants to talk about mental health these days, suddenly mental health is the thing that everyone has an opinion on the topic, and my only question is…why?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am really glad so many people are jumping into the waters that is mental health, because the more help the merrier but where the fuck have you been?

Suddenly all these Actors and Celebrities are doing projects that have something to do with mental health, and I still can’t get counselling or therapy for my issues. Instead I have a Doctor who asks asinine questions like “do you feel people are pointing and laughing at you when you go outside?

To which the answer is, “no I’m just tired of running into men I’ve accused of rape who verbally abuse me in public.”

It’s 2020 and I still have a Doctor who would rather believe that I am psychotic than put any credence into my memories, and that’s really fucking frustrating, and now there’s all these new people talking about mental health, and still all these years later, I am still falling through the cracks.

I feel like I have come a very long way in the last two or three years, but I also recognize that there is a long way for me to go, and I feel like I am lost at sea without a compass, a map or even a boat.

Everyone else has been saved and I’m over here screaming “what about me?” It’s really great that so many people want to help and want to talk about Mental Health, but maybe instead of talking all you new people could step back and listen?

Bell Let’s Talk gives millions of dollars a year to programs designed to help those with Mental Health issues, and yet I still can’t get counselling, so there are some holes in this industry that need to be filled.

Luckily I am a strong person, luckily, I have help from my mom and I have my Psych Nurse, you the readers and my friends around the world to keep me going, but not everyone has even that as a support system, so what are they supposed to do?

We have to start thinking about what it really means to help those in mental health crisis, we need to know that there is going to be a cushion for us to fall back on when things get tough. We need help building support systems for people who are naturally isolated outside of quarantine and this stupid virus.

Many people have been preparing for this their whole lives, but it doesn’t make it any easier to know many of you will return to your world while the rest of us will remain isolated and alone.

While you’re jumping on the Mental Health Train maybe think about those of us who are stuck, in the middle, without counselors and support systems. Maybe you could reach out to us and check on us every once in awhile.

Counselling and therapy is a big part of healing from mental health, but so is physical activity, I personally think that gym memberships should be a human right, if only because gyms offer classes and socialization in a way that isn’t incredibly overwhelming.

It’s funny I say that, because I used to hate physical activity, but now that I have so little of it, I miss it very much. I miss going to the gym even though I felt nervous and anxious, at least it was a place where I could go and be alone for an hour or two. I should really get back into going to the gym. As soon as possible.

Things are going to get better with more people talking about mental health, that’s inevitable, but we need to make sure that just because the quarantine is ending, our conversation about mental health isn’t.

This is something that is going to have generational consequences, and we need to be prepared for what happens when those who are not used to dealing with mental health take their newfound issues into the world.

There are people who never noticed their anxiety, depression or PTSD that are now being forced to deal with it, that are now being forced by happenstance to acknowledge that yes, they do have mental health issues, which means that those issues will inevitably continue to affect everyone around them, until those issues are dealt with.

There are too many people who have either ignored, or forgotten to deal with their issues, and now those issues are at the forefront of their lives.

My fear is that when quarantine is over, we’ll forget about the fact that mental health is a life long issue, it’s not something we can ignore just because we’re back to normal, whatever that means, because to my mind things are never going to be “normal” again.

Sure you’ll go back to your life, you’ll go back to your friends and family and jobs, but those mental health issues are still going to be there waiting for you to deal with them.

The only difference between before and after quarantine is that now you have had time to acknowledge them.

Sending all my love,

Devon J hall


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