Earlier today someone I had followed on Twitter for years, posted a link to a thread filled with racism. I’d been getting kind of annoyed with them for awhile now, but I finally decided that in the middle of a pandemic, I was tired of trying to rationalize their negative influence on me.

I’ve done that a lot over the years, which is why I’ve often gotten into the situations that I’ve gotten into. It’s also why I’ve learned about my own moral code and journey onto finding my best self.

So I posted a tweet:

Then I had a reply from a woman who requested that when I say “White People” I add “not all white people” or “some people” to my arguments, because they find my way of saying “White People”, offensive.

My basic response was to tell her to fuck off, for obvious reasons. Suddenly my timeline was filled with people wanting to defend me, wanting to support me, and speaking for me, instead of letting me speak for myself.

But I’m the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, so I get to post about it here.

White people, ALL WHITE PEOPLE, You need to stop talking about the problems of racism. You need to stop stepping your toes in waters that don’t belong to you, and when you see someone come at us, show us your respect by letting us fight our own damned battles.

I say this speaking specifically of Twitter. If you see a Black person getting beaten up or mugged absolutely step in if you can do so safely, but on Twitter? it’s different.

I’ve been wondering for about a year now why it is that Black people have seemingly stopped talking about Racism lately. It’s been crickets on Black twitter, unless it’s to make a joke or a humorous comment, and I know why.

Its because much like women who are constantly looking for a safe space to share their experience, the safe space that Black people tried to cultivate for themselves was inundated with white people telling us how we feel without giving us the space to say it ourselves.

Check yourself.

If someone comes at me and tells me they are offended by something I did I can handle that no problem, but when it comes to race White people do not get to tell me how to discus racism. You don’t even know what that word means.

You don’t wake up in the middle of the night with memories of being raped by white supremacists who are raping you, specifically, because you are a girl of colour.

You have no idea what it’s like to have a girl say she doesn’t want to use the same toilette at school you did because you had your period.

You have no idea what it’s like to walk down the street at night and have someone run away from you because of the colour of your skin.

You don’t know our struggle, so stop acting woke, it’s fucking exhausting. AND IT IS ALWAYS WHITE WOMEN.


I can’t believe how many of you Liberal women claim to support other women, and will rail “Not All Men” until you lose your breath, but the idea of “White People” offends you.

You know what offends me? Fourteen year old kids being gunned down in the street.

Children being raped and sexualized way too early because of the colour of their skin.

The economic difference between white communities and communities of colour, not just in America, but across the fucking globe.

I am offended by white women speaking for me when I can speak for myself, and then being offended when I shove them aside with a gentle push and request to speak for myself…that’s fucking hilarious.

You’re trying to defend me, but you don’t understand that in helping me what you are actually doing is stomping on my voice, and then being offended by it when I confront you with it. We the people of the colour cannot win no matter what we do and if I am going to die on a hill, it’s damned well going to be this one.

When it comes to the effects of racism, let the coloured folk do the talking for you. Because we know the answers and we’d really love the space to share our experience, but you, white people, collectively, those who say they stand with us as allies, and those who hate us, have contributed to the silence you are hearing on Social Media about racism.

Sure every now and then there is one or two conversations that peak up, by they almost always culminate in white people taking over the conversation and edging us out with long threads explaining what we already know.

Enough’s enough already. In these times of self isolation and introspection, maybe you can ask yourself before you tell yourself and me what a bitch I am, if there are things you do that are subtle but still racist in nature that you could change?

Do you edge yourself into twitter conversations with big long threads writing before you read what others have written? Do you place yourself in front of us blocking us both from view and the conversation? because if you do, now’s a really good time to reach out to your friends of colour.

Now’s a really good time to maybe apologize for not giving us the space we need, and step back a little bit so we can breath and get comfortable with sharing our experience.

We support the women, we support the LGBTQ, hell we even support most men,  we leave space for you to speak when it is your turn, the problem is that it is almost alwaysyour” turn.

In Canada no one ever, and I mean, ever, talks about Black Communities in this country, you would honestly think they almost don’t exist, because there are so few of us.

I don’t know a single Canadian Black person besides my brother, I grew up without them in my community. At least let me have their voices on social media.

Thank you for coming to my talk,

Devon J Hall

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