Survivors Connection

Sun, June 27, 2021 @ 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT I am so excited about this one! I am hosting my first ever conversation about being a survivor and healing from mental health. This is a huge opportunity for me to share my story, but more than that, it’s a platform for other survivors … More Survivors Connection

New Look

How do you like the new layout? Do you notice the changes or does it look to similar to the last layout for you? Do you even care? it’s okay if you don’t because I suspect you’re here for content versus aesthetics. It’s crisper, and it’s cleaner, and I am really happy with the new … More New Look

White People Need To Stop Discussing Racism…It’s Not Your Place.

Earlier today someone I had followed on Twitter for years, posted a link to a thread filled with racism. I’d been getting kind of annoyed with them for awhile now, but I finally decided that in the middle of a pandemic, I was tired of trying to rationalize their negative influence on me. I’ve done … More White People Need To Stop Discussing Racism…It’s Not Your Place.


In yesterday’s post I talked a lot about how I am not subscribing to the teacher of Jealousy anymore. In that I am making a commitment not to subscribe to the idea that just because someone else has something, I should need to want it too. Today I want to talk about all the people … More Toxicity