Nature Creates Balance Where There Is Imbalance

What Robert Kelly did to children is nothing short of the absolute worst kind of evil, “men” like him and Einstein did to these young girls is nothing short of evil. There is no other singular word that describes what those women went through. It is this kind of evil that women experience every single day.

I truly believe there are two kinds of evil, the kind that has a choice, and the kind that makes a choice. Robert Kelly and that goof Jeffrey Einstein had a choice. They chose habitually, to abuse women in private and in public, flaunting their privilege so flawlessly that people are forgetting to be offended.

We as a society, and by we I mean “you”, allowed these men to remain proud and public with their crimes, and in Kelly’s part at least you fucking paid him to do it.

For years he confessed to his crimes – even naming an award winning song C O N F E S S I O N S – for years and some of you sit there and are pretending to be shocked with his crimes? Are you serious? Habitually, societal, we continue to allow rich men to do as they please and we praise them for it, until after the truth comes out.

We used to be cynical of everything, we used to doubt every inch of kindness that came our way because we knew we couldn’t trust it, as long as it doesn’t come from a “good looking” Black man or any Caucasian man with money.

We’re selling our souls out to men like this, and we’re not even doing it for you know…rent, or food, or medicine, we’re doing it for fucking social media likes.

I realized this today as I sat here all day, exhausted by the fact that people are actually worried about Kelly’s care while locked in solitary confinement, which is safer for him, because well, he’s an accused pedophile and rapist and even the guys in Lock up think that’s disgusting. Good to know.

I personally don’t care about Robert Kelly’s personal safety, because I think he’s evil. I don’t think he is human, I think that something has crawled into what was the promising potential of an amazing human being, killed his soul and left behind a disgusting cockroach of a creature that can only be called Demonic.

  • This is a man who urinated on a child and filmed it while she gave him a blow job.
  • This is a man whose already been accused and was freed because the Juror’s didn’t like the way the survivors dressed.
  • This is a man who beat, raped and tortured women for his own pleasure, alone and in public.
  • This is a man who made a young woman dress against her will like a boy to hide her identity, and for other I am sure more disturbing reasons.
  • This is a man who starved children and women, moved them around the country and treated them worse then most humans treat their dogs, for his own pleasure.
  • This is a man who flaunted his crimes on stage and in his music, and was paid millions of dollars to do so, by fucking lemmings.
  • This is a man?


I grew up terrified of men exactly like him, because I was starved, beaten, tortured, raped, sold and abused by many men when I was growing up, so I know a little about what I speak when I say I do not actually give a Heavenly Blessed Fuck about what Robert Kelly’s life in Prison might be like.

What I’d like to see is news organizations – and I use this term loosely – promoting Anti-Abuse Campaigns. I would like to see Journalists – again, laughingly – focus on what Survivors are doing to help those who are still suffering.

I’d like to see conferences around the globe happening with women of all different walks of life, Business women to Sex Worker coming together to share their stories. That’s what I’d like to see, but please tell me more about how Robert Kelly can’t have access to the internet, television and only gets to make phone calls however many who gives a fuck days a part?

I wake up every single day and stare at my ceiling or my wall and whisper “this is my life”, because I am alive, and I’m fucking grateful to be alive. Even if you don’t believe me when I say what I’ve experienced, at least believe that if it were true, I’d have to be super fucking strong to get through all that without any serious suicide attempts.

I promise you there are a whole bunch of people out there wondering if I am okay, and not a single one of them are worrying about what my abusers are going through or if they are happy, and I’m grateful to know that. I am grateful to know my friends and family care about me, and love me enough to know to back off for a little while, and give me the space I say I don’t need.

I’m also grateful to know that whatever happens now, at least the world is aware that Robert Kelly and Jeffrey Einstein are capable of the worst crimes in human history, my only question is what in the fuck are you going to do about it?

The universe has ways of balancing great evil with great good, the weapon it uses is not always love that we understand, but as far as I am concerend, as far as the Brown Girl Army stands, Robert Kelly is going to get what he deserves. If indeed he’s as demonic as I truly believe he is, every single one of the men in charge of cults and pedophile rings will go down in a burning flame that only Heaven will see. Good riddens, maybe that means they’ll start making room in prison’s by getting rid of people in jail on Immigration or Marijuana crimes. One can only hope,

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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