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Y’all Want Me To Feel Guilty

It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, your abuser is always going to find reasons why you’re telling on them is more important than their actions as an abuser. That’s just a fact. True abusers don’t want to acknowledge their actions, they don’t want to admit that […]

Get Out Of My Way

I grew up in a house where telling a woman what to eat would get you dead.— The Other Jane (@OrphanageRules) May 3, 2020 WARNING: THIS POST MAY TRIGGER SOME PEOPLE DUE TO THIS BEING ABOUT RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE. PLEASE READ WITH ALL THE CAUTIONS. I did […]

Why Are You Pretending?

I’ve never understood the need to become an Actor, and it is genuinely a need. I know this because I went to Fine Art’s School and I met plenty of “Actors”, they -need- to be on stage. They need the roar of a crowd and the adventure that […]