Loud Mouth Brown Girl is a constantly growing tree, designed to inspire, challenge, and subvert all the people who tell us not to do the things that make us happy. If you’d like to check out the LMBG Brand Kit you can view the PDF below.

Included in the Media Kit

The beginning of Loud Mouth Brown Girl as a blog was chaotic and filled with drama, as was much of Devon J Hall’s life as she found an emergency need to exist in the gang culture that she had never had any intention of becoming a part of, to begin with.

Being dragged quite literally against her will into gang culture gave Hall the opportunity to see the effects of drug addiction, the illicit drug market on her local community, and helped her discover a passion for raising her voice against trauma created by men specifically, who wanted to destroy the lives of children, to enrich their own. All of her experience comes together through Loud Mouth Brown Girl, as Hall focuses on creating a brand that inspires others that there can always be a way to escape the darkness if they have the courage to try.

Six Oh Four North is in its entirety about cannabis education, and supporting stigma-free cannabis consultation for those who are canna-curious and nervous about trying what amounts to a brand new medication. The future Six Oh Four North blog will focus on Hall’s experience in both gang culture, as well as her work with those who want to get off illicit drugs in an effort to live a healthier more positive lifestyle.

Stay Lifted Sis is all about having conversations with people who experienced severe trauma and PTSD due to childhood abuse. Each episode is designed to talk about our journeys while making people laugh about the fact that healing from trauma can be beautifully weird, and completely and totally different for every person who experiences the healing process.

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