In 2015, Marijuana Business Daily noted that 36% of the executive level positions in the cannabis industry are held by women.

If there is anything those of us here at Loud Mouth Brown Girl have learned, it’s that everything we are, is influenced by everything that came before us, and in both large and small ways, by everything that will come after us.
This entire project would not have been even remotely possible without the help of every single person I’ve ever had long term interaction with.

From friends and family to teachers, challengers and enemies, every single person that has left a mark on my life, or my person, was a part of making this digital novel a reality.

The story of this website is found in several different places:
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In order to get the full story you will have to follow the various platforms, because we like throwing the puzzle pieces of our lives to the wind just to see what happens to them when we find them again.

This website is not just about sexual abuse and child pedophilia, it’s not just about the lives of Brown girls everywhere, it’s a majickal realistic version of how we remember the events of our lives, inspired by the many cultures that are spread out across Alberta, British Columbia and the rest of this great country.

We have or we are working on, adding into our stories, historical characters based on real life people who lived, worked and helped to build Canada into the amazing country it is today.

That being said, we would like to ask you to help us if we step across the line and offend any of you, we are not perfect and we will make mistakes when writing about various topics, but that being said, we’d appreciate it if you would let us know when we got something wrong.

Nothing on this website is “historically accurate“, because at the end of the day this “is” our novel, it’s a story, written by several different personalities, sharing many different perspectives on a variety of topics.

We have been and continue to be influenced and inspired by the Aboriginal Tribes of our great Country, and acknowledge that without the struggles of their people, we probably would not be here today, to tell these tales.

If you notice that we have used the names of Tribes that “sound” Aboriginal, please know we made them up, and we did this for two reasons:

1. We want to honor the history of the various Tribes of British Columbia and Alberta, where we grew up, but we really do not want to offend any one specific group or Nation by not including them. So we’ve decided to take the stories and lessons we learned from those we know and weave them into the stories of our past.

2. While there is a great deal of real world opinions and thoughts placed into this blog, when it comes to the story of Siddha and the Light Bringers, the Tribes we have created were created by people outside of the various Aboriginal Nations of Canada. In other words…we created our own Tribes, to protect ourselves from the outside world…from the adults that wanted to hurt us.

We mean no disrespect, but this website isn’t about your culture, it’s about ours, and our culture is Krisya Ohana, like all writers we have chosen to take Poetic Justice (Licence), to help us create the story that we’ve been writing for most of our lives.

If at any time you notice a reference that is out of place, or historically inaccurate (if not obvious fiction) please let us know so that we can make corrections,

The Librarians