Or, Appear Majcik Words To Describe My Life. I'm fucking houseless. It used to be my job to help people find housing, or recovery options, or some safe place to be, and now I am in the position of needing someone to advocate for me and it sucks. 

BUT! I have that ever lasting drop of hope inside of me that tells me things are going to change, that things are going to get better. This is the beginning, not the end. I am on a journey, and I have no idea where the fuck I am going, but I'm going somewhere, and I have to tell you...I'm a little excited. 

I'm absolutely terrified don't get me wrong. Not knowing where you're going to sleep from one day to the next is a fucking terrifying thing. But I warned people this would happen and they didn't listen. 

Just now I watched a video of a soldier begging for continuity of care, saying he gets it now. He shouldn't have to get it. None of us should have to understand what this stuff is, but we do, and because we do, patients are the best ones to know what they need. 

None of us want to share the same stories over and over again but I think that's why some of us publish our stories. I think it's so that we don't have to deal with the demons alone, it's so that other people can carry some of the burden with us, so we know that yes, there are others who are facing the same or similar demons. 

I get it now too. I don't judge people when I walk by them on the street anymore, because I know what could happen in a day or two would mean that I might end up like them. 

I've lived across the lower mainland now and I miss Surrey. I miss my park, I miss being able to go to the crossroads and sit and talk to the universe, but I don't miss the lack of privacy. I don't miss my stalker breaking into my house and sexually assaulting me while everyone says I am making it up. 

I feel oddly safer - and that scares me even more because the moment you start to feel safe is usually when the bad stuff happens. 

We're applying for places every day and looking at new ones every hour but so far every time we call people have already snatched up what we're looking for. 

Keep us in your thoughts please folks, we need that right now more than ever. 

Sending all my love, 
Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl

There are several ways to help support this site, if you’re interested, it’s much appreciated. Supporting this website means you’re supporting a disabled mixed-race Black non-binary/she houseless person. Thank you so much for your efforts. It means the world to me and convinces me to keep going.

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