Nope. When I started this website it wasn’t about you, the reader. It was about me getting my story out so I didn’t die. It was my way of making sure that my life mattered, it was my way of saying my life matters too.

I got this mindset from my friend Doctor, Ashley Perkins, writer, blogger, creator, and founder of Because I Matter Too dot com.

The why changes because we change, because who we are changes, because what we needed six years ago, isn’t what we need today. Six years ago I needed all the answers about why what was done to me, was done. I needed to know that my life was worth fighting for.

I proved that it was when I started writing this website, and now I’m working on my third book, a book of essays written in a way I’ve never written before. This time it’s called:

In Case of My Death…Set The World on Fire

I chose this title in honor of Anne Frank. She started a movement when she wrote about her experience during the Nazi invasion. She broke the mold when it comes to how important it is to tell our stories. She showed women and girls everywhere, that their tales and experiences could change the world. She did that.

I want to be like She. Like all the women who came before me, I want to forge a destiny that spans space and time, I want to find ways to include my LBGTQ2S+ friends, family, and allies.

I want to ensure that when I go to war for this world, it’s for the kind of causes that include the belief that all lives matter and no life matters more than any other regardless of race, creed, nationality, size, or orientation. And the only way that we’re going to get there, is if we start acknowledging the systemic reasons for movements like The Civil Rights Movement, or Black Lives Matter.

We need to remember the people who started these movements, we need to honor their experiences by sharing our own, and we need to make space for the uncomfortable realization that sometimes all of us are the fucking problem.

I started this website to save my life, I continue writing on it because I know that my words have power and that the power I am accumulating is helping others figure out why they are the way they are, from a patient’s perspective.

I believe as a vocal and outspoken patient with mental health issues I have valuable insight into the way the world works, all I need now are people willing to listen to me.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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