Without dilution, I can honestly tell you that Nada Chehade is one of my most fundamental teachers. I am not the kindest person in the world, and I will always stand up for my friends, but Nada teaches me how to do it with grace.

Nada is a writer, a creator, and a woman of color, from Palestine, by way of the UAE.

Her blood and her spirit are Palestinian, her roots are global, and her impact is interdimensional.

Nada is a woman, and as such, she understands to her core what. it means to have your voice stolen from you. She was married, and now she is not, how that happened is her story to tell, what matters is that Nada takes the life lessons she received from that marriage, into every corner of her writing.

As a self-proclaimed feminist of color, Nada is a huge fan of women who find the courage to speak up for themselves, knowing how difficult it can be. I swear to the universe that Nada and I are destined to be in each other’s lives, because we inspire each other, but more. than that, because I feel a connection to this human being’s experience, in ways I haven’t.

I meet with Nada and Savannah Worley quite frequently and one of the things that strikes me so much about my friend is that she is actually very shy. She’s powerful and wise, filled with life experience that most of us only get from watching films or reading books, but she is still genuinely cautious of the world. Largely because she understands what it feels like to be hurt and ignored by the world.

Nada has had people turn their backs on her for her choices, even though her choices are about choosing her own happiness, because she chose her own happiness, Nada has lost parts of herself that she may never regain, and yet she holds her head high and faces the world with all the courage she can muster.

One of the things I love most about Nada is her willingness and her ability to be there for other human beings.

Even with all she’s going through, she rarely talks about it openly, but she’s struggling, and she’s fighting, and yet she still makes time to be there for those who love and support her. Nada is generous with her time, and with her heart.

Nada uses her voice to tell men to fuck off and then teaches women how to follow suit, and she’s also an author of a book called Gaslight Avenue: Based on a True Hummus Story.

Moving from the UAE was a huge change for Nada, and she’s fighting to find her place in the world. My wish for Nada Chehade is that one day she is the powerful light I see, to the rest of the world. You can check out some of my favorite stories by Nada Chehade, a name never to forget. Below.

My Fake Jesus Story

Congrats You’re Bride #2 On The Roster

I Had No Idea I Lived In A Bubble

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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