One of my favorite writers of all time is Anne Frank. Not because of her words, but because when the world was in a form of chaos she did the only thing she knew how and she wrote about it so that we’d never forget.

That’s the purpose of writing. It’s a way to communicate through time and space, and it makes it so that humans have a record of what happened, who did what, why they did it, and how we can make sure it never happens again.

The shadows will steal your words when you’re a writer. Your art when you’re an artist, and your moves when you are a dancer. The world will destroy everything about you if you let it, but once you start fighting back – and we all start fighting back at some point – everything changes.

When you decide that your life is worth fighting for, then the world decides to back off just a little bit, to give you some space to breathe, to readjust how it attacks, and then it attacks harder.

We’re seeing that with the loss of Roe vs Wade, we’re seeing that with the loss of protections for LBGTQ2S+ adults and youth, and we’re seeing it with all these new bills and laws in America designed to deteriorate the way we live our lives.

You may not see me on the blog every single day anymore, for awhile at least, and that’s because I’m working on a new book. I’m very excited about it, and yes it’s going to be called “In Case of My Death…Set The World on Fire.”

I want to help inspire young people to believe that they actually can change the world, so the book is filled with ideas and plots, and plans that will help them achieve goals I think are necessary to change the planet.

I can’t and I won’t spend my life depending on the next generation, but I will make sure that before I die my voice is heard, even if it’s only by a handful of people.

How I see the world has value and I’m learning to share the process. My friend Nada Chehade is going to be writing the forward and my friend Savannah Worley is going to help me edit the book.

I am very excited about this project, which reminds me I have another book coming out this year from Surrey Shares, so look forward to that, I’ll give you more details as soon as I have them. I believe that book is in the final stages of editing. There are 26 different authors and mine is one of 3 stories that will be translated into English as well as Punjabi, so I am super stoked.

I know that the focus should be on the site, but I also know that if I am to build this brand I have to keep writing and honestly writing on the blog -every single day- is exhausting and time-consuming, so I’m going to take a few days off, write some pre-written posts, and share them over the coming weeks. Until the book is done you can find me on Twitter @LoudMthBrownGrl.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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