White people are allegedly losing their minds over the thought of a Black Tinkerbell, why? She’s a cartoon fairy, I’ll tell you what though, there’s only 1 reason that people are angry about Black people in cartoons:


I don’t give a flying fuck about a God damned fairy, no offense Faeries, I know that there are Brown girl Fae out there, my friend Tinu is a Brown girl Faerie, HOWEVER, what I do care about is the fact that Black kids in 2023 are going to school where they are being “gifted” cards that say shit like “to my favorite cotton picker.” In 2023.

I need systemic change. I need nazis not to exist, and I need the world to go back to being the safe beautiful majickal place it used to be, but that’s not going to happen because both nazis and aliens are real so Hellboy should be arriving at any moment now.

I need Black kids to be safe. Frankly, I just care about that. I need Asian kids to be safe. I need Jewish kids to be safe. I need trans kids to be protected. I need everyone I love to feel like their lives matter. I need to know that the people I care about are not going to be killed because of what genitals they carry or what books they read or what the color of their skin is.

I need the world to change back to the way it was before when people knew and respected each other if ever such a time existed.

I need women to know that they can feed and protect their children without the aid of a man if that’s what they choose. I need people to feel safe and that’s not going to happen any time soon.

There’s too much chaos, and too much noise, the world needs to still and quiet itself and I think this planet is too filled with the blood of thousands of years of rape, torture, and war.

I think the only way that any of the things that I want to happen are going to happen is if we start looking at our enemies differently. They’re angry over faeries for crying out loud, they aren’t that dangerous, they’re stupid certainly, weaponized yes, but they are beatable.

They are not a superpower, they are many and they are loud, but they’re fucking stupid. Forget being angry at faeries because let’s face it they are pretty powerful really, but they’re mad at cartoons.

These people did not have childhoods. They were abused, traumatized, beaten, and raped into believing this shit out of a need for safety and security and I know this because yeah I’m one of those people who were conditioned to believe I deserved my abuse, by white supremacists.

I know people who escaped them like me, not many, but a couple, so I know they are beatable. They always have been and they always will be, and the worst part is that the people fighting for more, are the ones who already own the houses the tables we’re trying to get to, and live in.

So it’s not like they are really suffering. It’s not like they are really making sacrifices. They aren’t going to bed hungry, they aren’t worried about how they’re going to pay their bills, and they are worried that once their bills are paid, we might be able to pay ours too.

I’ve been trying to understand how they think for decades now and I think honestly that white supremacists are conditioned to believe that if they share, then they will die. I think they’re terrified of death, but I also think they don’t fully understand themselves.

They don’t know how to regular their emotions. They don’t understand the concept of consent because they’ve never been taught what it means. They don’t understand respect or common decency, because they’ve never been taught these things.

We need to acknowledge that there are some white supremacists who are just trying to survive, and we need to offer them an option. Every white supremacist life turned around is a life saved.

Isn’t that the prime directive? If we’re going to fight against them we need to know this shit so that we know how to fight. Ask yourself what you’d do if you’d ever had a gun to your head if you’d ever been beaten with a bat.

There is no comparison to a war zone, we are literally living in a war zone. There are people who are walking down the street wanting to kill people like me for everything that I am and want to be.

Then there are the ones who escape. There are others who are involved in white supremacist activity who don’t want to be, all they need is a way to escape. You know what that fucking feels like, if you’re reading this website you know what it feels like to escape the trauma. Or you know someone who does.

So what I’m saying is that as much as I hate white supremacy, and as much as I hate the way that white supremacists behave, I know that there are others who want to get out, those are the ones I’m talking to today.

I hear you. I see you. I know you’re there. We’re waiting.

Sending all our love,


Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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