Narcissists. Yeah, those guys. The ones that make everything about them. We all have them, and we’re all capable of being a little narcissistic, but some folks take it to a whole new level.

There are whole books, dictionaries, and theological papers devoted to some of the world’s most famous narcissists.

In every story told about Lucifer, he’s the bad guy. He’s the one that decided he didn’t want to follow Jesus anymore, and he came down – allegedly – to punish humanity for their crimes against God. But says who?

A bunch of men forced Jesus to carry a cross for miles, before they nailed him to it, and left him to die in the hot sun.

Men descended into the madness of hunger and starvation, while women wept, thinking they had no power, believing they didn’t have the power to stop what happened. What if one person had stood up for Jesus, what if one person had fought back? Would things be different? Literally no one alive can tell us, but what we can tell you is that narcissism is as deep as our genetic code.

For centuries religion has been used to control the less powerful, the less informed, and the less educated. And it’s worked because fear is a powerful tool. It’s one narcissist use a lot.

When we are afraid, we’re more likely to comply, I’ve spent my whole life being afraid. I’m not now because I’m smarter than the idiots who abused me, but it took a very long time to get here.

I know that there might be new abusers in the future, but I also know I’ll know how to protect myself before it gets to that point. I’m not saying I’ll never let love into my life again, I’m just saying that when I do, it’ll be on my terms when I’m ready.

I think a good portion of this website should stand as a warning to any future date partners, “warning, they’ve dealt with shit, they aren’t afraid anymore.

Whether or not they actually care about you will show often. And easily. They won’t ask about you, they won’t care what you’re talking about, often they will zone out, or they will discredit you by telling you that you need to be more than you already are.

They will belittle and bully you, yell often, and then get mad when you give it back.

Bullies do this a lot, and depending on how violent they can be, dealing with a narcissist, can be very dangerous. I’ve had them destroy my house, beat me and my mom, rape me, and on and on.

You don’t need that in your life, and at first, it starts small. Little digs, but they get bigger and more diverse and more important the longer you give these folks access to your life.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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