I think too many people that are “in office,” have forgotten their place in the world. I think that politicians in general, have forgotten that the reason the various royal families around the world put them in charge, is because they come from a long line of people who promised to work, for the people.

“A government by the people, for the people,” was what was promised eons ago, in the halls of whatever they used to call Justice. Now here we are and Ron DeSantis is telling everyone he’s going to rid the world of the evils of critical race theory.

We all know what Critical Race Theory is, it’s a weapon against the patriarchal, white supremacist society that we live in, and that’s why they are trying to shut it down, because. it works.

I’ve spent years trying to understand the Civil Rights Movement, and studying Critical Race Theory, listening quietly without saying much because I wanted to understand more than I wanted to speak.

Now I want to speak, and I find that everyone is speaking, but very few people are saying anything.

Support Critical Race Theory Supporters argue that it’s important to study the FULL history of what humanity went through, by acknowledging the harm caused to Black Folk.

Anti-CRT supporters swear up and down, that CRT is designed to replace and wipe out the white race by blaming them for things they weren’t alive to participate in, even while refusing to acknowledge that they benefit from white supremacy.

Too many people think that racism is violent in a physical nature alone. They don’t understand that there are other ways to be violent. When the English first came to the shores of what is now widely accepted as Canada, they poisoned the Indigenous communities with syphilis and other diseases that killed off entire nations and tribes.

Each of us has to decide what information we’re going to take in and keep, and what we’re going to discard, but I implore you to start by reading NHB Jone’s book, The 1619 Project.

This book details the journey between what was, and what is, and discusses how we got where we are from where we started. It tells the story of how we started, and how we fought back, and gives us an insight into what life was like back in the day while educating us on the reality of Black centership.

It is imperative that our children learn they have a place in this world, and men like Desantis are going out of their way to ensure that this is not possible, which should terrify you.

I remember hearing about the Nazis in school as if they were a nightmare that would never come back, and yet here they are. Hosting tea parties and wearing white hoods, talking about the importance of the white race as if it is the only race.

White supremacists don’t have culture, they have hatred, and they don’t breed colour and beauty into the world unless that colour is blood. They don’t care about the children at all, what they care about is ensuring they cause as much damage as possible.

Plenty of white supremacists genuinely believe the world would be a better place without Black people, but just as many people believe we’d be better off without white people.

Without both, people like me wouldn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that just because I’m half white I don’t see the supremacy in my life or how it has affected me.

Many of my white friends are confused, as to what to do or how to support “the cause,” without stepping on toes. It’s really simple actually.

Make Space For Black, Brown, and Marginalized Folks In Your Life

Volunteer at organizations that need your input and support. There are a lot of youth centers that could use adults who know how to navigate the world. You could be a part of that. You could be a part of something that changes the world, in a small way or a big way, as long as your intentions are pure you are welcome to join us.

Buy Black art. Buy Black t-shirts and hoodies – Buy Black books and read them, and share them with your reading groups and friends. Inspire your white friends to believe that they have a place in our world, by letting us into your world.

It’s not that hard to be welcoming and to educate yourself, but it seems overwhelming because new words are coming into our language every day and those new words are big and scary, but once you break down what they mean, it’s easier to digest, easier to be a part of positive change.

Understanding Critical Race Theory means understanding that Black folk still get paid less in America and Canada than their white counter parts. It means knowing that we have our own cultures, ethnic beliefs and faiths, that have been ripped from us after generations of enslavement.

Understanding Critical Race Theory means believing that no one race is superior to another because of the color of their skin. That’s the world we live in now.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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