“Blame the Patriarchy,” is a phrase that white, right-wing folks use, to make fun of us who are telling you that yes, we are in fact, blaming the patriarchy.

For four hundred years, white men – in particular – have had control of this planet, and they are fighting for it with everything they have. Before Black folks it was Vikings, and before that, it was the women in their lives.

Angel Makers of Nagyrév

The Angel Makers of Nagyrév (HungarianTiszazugi méregkeverők, “Tiszazug poison-mixers”) were a group of women living in the village of Nagyrév, Hungary, who, between 1914 and 1929, poisoned to death an estimated 40 people.[1] They were supplied arsenic and encouraged to use it for the purpose by a midwife or “wise woman” named Zsuzsanna Fazekas, wife of Gyula Fazekas, née Zsuzsanna Oláh (Fazekas Gyuláné Oláh Zsuzsanna). Their story is the subject of the documentary filmThe Angelmakers[2][3][4] and the film Hukkle.[5][failed verification]


I had this conversation last night while drinking heavily and thinking about all the ways that white men – in particular – have affected my life. Often and almost always, but not quite, usually, negatively.

The few white men who actually supported me, only did so because they were extremely understanding and liberal. Those who chose not to fall deeply into the promise of the patriarchy.

This isn’t just because the majority of white men I’ve been exposed to came from Christian-based organizations, it’s because this is how white men – in particular – are raised.

I understand now, why women choose poison, it’s because they like to watch their victim as they die. They like to remind themselves that there will be an end to the trauma and the pain, and they become in their minds, the heroine of their story, by ending the life of the person who caused harm to them first.


Let’s talk about that. Who started this never-ending war? What was the first moment when blood was shed and when did the world decide that it wanted more? I genuinely believe this planet is feeding on us killing each other, and so again I ask, what was the first evil? Was it when Judas turned on Jesus? Was it when Caine went after Able? What was the moment that swapped us from being peaceful humans that lived in small tribes, into the warmongers we are now?

The sad truth is that humans have always been this way. As long as there have been empires and dynasties, there have been people set about watching the world burn. There are entire covenants and secret societies devoted to either protecting or destroying the planet.

The stories are real. There are people out there convinced they are the only ones who can save this planet, and there are those who are convinced the only way to do that, is to eradicate the planet of one race or another.

I’m over it. Like, shut the fuck up. The ancient ones didn’t leave us here to murder each other.

Tyre Nichols was killed by 5 count them






Black Cops.

Five of them, over a “routine traffic stop,” beat him within inches of his life and left him to die in a hospital where he died, three days later. He was left unrecognizable from the photos that I saw. He was a teacher and a photographer.

It’s not just white men anymore.

It’s Black men thinking that they will be protected by white supremacy, not realizing that by feeding into it, they are only making it both hungrier and more dangerous.

It’s Black women like Candace Owens out there laughing when kids die and accusing Black folk of being the problem, instead of realizing that the only reason she has a platform is that those who believe in white supremacy are placating her because she’s saying what they want to hear. It won’t last.

Kanye West is doing the same thing, upholding white supremacy though, won’t protect him, because it’s specifically designed to destroy everything and anything that isn’t white men.

It’s designed for white men. So is the Patriarchy, and those at the top don’t give a flying fuck about those of us down here, they don’t have to. They don’t live down here. Like I have plenty of famous friends and I love them, but the realities that we experience are 100% different because of our economic statuses.

I don’t resent them, but I also understand that if I’m ever to be in that world, and I want to be, it’s going to be on my terms or not at all. Like I can’t ever imagine suddenly turning around and telling y’all with my whole chest that “white lives matter,” more than Black lives, which is the unstated but obvious part of what that phrase means.

It’s frustrating to me to see how many people are willing to literally sell their souls to white supremacy for the tiniest amount of comfort, it’s not going to change your life exponentially if you come out and fight with us I promise you unless you want to change your life, and too many of my coloured “allies,” aren’t realizing that they are causing more harm than good.

I’m not talking about Writers and Editors of Color, I’m talking about right-wing pundits, who are out there on Fox News just because Fox news is the only place that will give them a platform.

I’m talking about the folks – influencers especially – who are so hungry for fame that they will sell out other Black or marginalized folks, for the attention they get.

I’m talking about 5 Black cops who killed 1 Black man, thinking they’d get away with it because they wrongly believed the system bent on their destruction, would save them.

White supremacy doesn’t give a fuck if you’re a cop, all it cares about is whether or not you are male or white. PLEASE stop forgetting this fact.

It doesn’t want Black folk around, but it will use the fuck out of you to feed itself if you let it, so instead of looking at them as five BLACK cops, look at them as COPS, who didn’t give a fuck, because they’re stupid.

I hope they get the book thrown at all five of em.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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