We don’t stop. We keep going, so we don’t take a moment to let you breathe and for that I’m sorry. 400 years and life is still hard for Black Men, but what’s worse is that today just like yester-century, we don’t stop to ask if you’re okay, so I’m asking, are you okay?

It’s Wild to me. He’s Gone, and His Family is in Mourning, But For The Rest of Us, Life Goes on, Because If We Stop We’ll Be Next

Stephen tWitch Boss was an inspiration to millions of people. He helped bring billions of smiles to the world, day after day, five days a week. Yesterday I asked my mom, “if he couldn’t do it, what the fuck makes you think I can?” There are a lot of people thinking that right now, wondering how they can go on when he seemingly had everything he needed.

The problem with suicide is that you never know what could have been done, because one moment you could be laughing your ass off, and the next moment you could be ending your own life.

In a time when we’re losing Black men faster than the rain can wash away the blood, it’s time more than ever, that we are here to support you.

Loud Mouth Brown Girl started out being for me, and then it became a thing that other women started appreciating, and more and more I’m finding that men are reaching out for support and it’s not Black men alone.

The Feeling of Hopelessness Can be Heavy but it’s not real, It’s a lie Designed to Make You Feel Weak and Out of Control

When you look at your life, do you ever ask yourself “why me?” I used to until I remembered, that because without me, nothing makes sense the way it does now, and I like the way things can be if I stick around. I Don’t ask “Why me” or “how come this is happening?” I ask “What can I do about it“?

That feeling of being powerless can be consuming, it can make you think that there’s nothing in the world worth fighting for and that the things, people, and places, that fill you up aren’t enough.

If I am being 100% honest I am mad at him. I am mad at him for giving up and for not being there when I finally make it. And I know this is selfish thinking but so is suicide, it’s the darkest place a person can be, there is no hope, and there’s just “an ending.”

I hope if you, or someone you know, needs help, y’all find a way to reach out for it. An anchor to keep you here, to remind you that the good times don’t last forever, but neither do the. bad ones. I’ve had enough ups and downs to know that the smiles are worth fighting for.

Please…please…PLEASE reach out help before you decide to end your life.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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2 thoughts on “And The Day After Life Goes On – A Letter to #BlackMen Everywhere

  1. I was going to post on Twitter later today about this. No one talks about suicide. When it happens, the people left behind are afraid to say the word. The shame that comes with a loved one taking their life is always the shame of loved ones still here. And no one talks about the anger those family members feel.
    I want people to start saying the words. I want them to say their husband, brother, or cousin, committed suicide. We don’t talk about it enough and because we are afraid, we don’t reach out, tell others, and feel alone. I cannot imagine his wife and the rest of his family’s devastation. I am heartbroken and I don’t even know that brother.
    Space needs to be given for people, especially #Blackmeneverywhere to speak on their feelings without being judged. I know people are unaware of how many Black men feel like Twitch did, every day.

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    1. we absolutely don’t talk about it enough, it’s too fuckign hard and you know Im sad but Im also so mad at him, I am SO angry that he didn’t reach out that he couldn’t that he felt that alone, so angry on his behalf too I don’t know how to get over this one.


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