I have a ton of beautiful friends, and I have a mom that loves me in spite of my many, many issues. Here I am consistently working on this really cool website, this thing that I built is absolutely beautiful and so tonight as I write this I’m grateful for all the times that I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

There are so many days in a single human’s life when they think they are not going to get anywhere worth getting but rarely do we stop to think about the fact that where we want to go and where we need to go are not necessarily the same thing.

Today (or yesterday rather,) I learned the history of Amazing Grace, it was what they called a Slave Song, once upon a time, heard sung from beneath the bowels of the ship, by enslaved folks who were heading towards America. At least that’s the story I heard. I don’t know if it’s true, but I imagine it can be.

I imagine they sang many songs to calm their nerves, I imagine they heard many a scream, a beating, a rape, and torture, and found solace in music as so many of us do.

We rarely think about the importance of music in our lives. We don’t think about how music makes us laugh, cry, scream, release the toxic negativity that we’ve been holding onto and help us release joy into the world.

I’ve been going through a lot of music lately, reminding myself of why it’s so important. Here’s a live stream of one of the first bands I ever heard.

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