“If a God could exist, then that God could appear any way that God needs to appear so that you’re willing to accept they exist.” – Pastor Bob.

He once told me that just because I see God as a woman, and He sees God as a man, that it doesn’t mean that we see different God and that put all things into perspective for me.

Sure we see the same person in different ways, or maybe we see many people, either can be true, I don’t know that they are, but what if they could be, wouldn’t that be fantastical? This is the core essence of what I believe. If God could exist, then God must exist in multiples because too many people have seen too many different versions for there to only be one.

I once had a dream that I saw a guy wearing a shirt saying “it’s just a dream,” and then a few weeks later I saw the same guy wearing the same shirt as I was headed somewhere I shouldn’t have been.

Some might say this was a coincidence, but others might say that this was a sign, a reminder, been there and done that, you really don’t need to go back again.

Some say there is no God, and that God is a construct made by humans, but it makes me feel better to believe that there is a God and that Angels do exist. The problem for me isn’t and has never been God, it’s been with the secularism that happens when God enters. the conversation.

In the days of old God was a king – a man who ruled from above, and then died, and people worshipped him, them, her, and they, because the ancient ones had answers that other people didn’t have. Wheels, and fire, all created by human hands sure, but the information – the maps to how they can be built and brought to life? That came from Gods, allegedly.

I say I’m a Witch because Witches practice a little bit of everything, we accept that every human on this planet deserves to live free and pure as long as they don’t actively seek out ways to harm others. This to me is the core essence of God.

The whole “Me alone,” thing came from men, men who wanted to control the narrative and thereby the tribe or society from whence they came.

I have a cat with two black patches on her back that look like angel wings, she’s the only one to survive her litter, some may say this is just another thing that happens, but I truly believe Oreo was someone I’ve been waiting for since I was a child. (Now if only she’d come home it’s cold.)

We pray because it brings us comfort, and we sing and dance because it reminds us of the ancient ones, who sang and danced in order to share stories of how to escape to freedom. The old Nego prayer songs or Slave Songs were designed to help people escape and as music evolved we forgot that all music is about sending messages up so loud that even the dead, or the Gods, can hear what we’re saying. Because they are far away, not deaf.

So when you tell me that I shouldn’t believe in God because of all the horrible things that humans have done in the name of God I’ll remind you that liars lie and just because they say they believe in God, in the Gods, or the Goddesses, doesn’t mean that they actually do.

My Gods don’t hate anyone, they love you because you exist, Miriam, please don’t forget that. I love God. I love you. That doesn’t mean I love the men who claim God as their own.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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