I thought about writing a post today, but instead, I’m just going to post some videos you should all be listening to. Unfortunately You’ll have click the link to view them, but I’ve included the names with the bands.

This song is a great one to listen to while driving or doing the dishes, it’s a great song that makes you laugh while also making you think about the world. Interesting mix. Rob a Bank, Confetti

This one is for dancing naked, in the bathroom, so you can see how beautiful you are.

Tech N9ne, Caribou Lou

This song is just a really great mashup of a bunch of different artists who haven’t worked together publically but who absolutely should. DJ Cummerbund The Next Sickness

I really like this song because it matches one of my favorite characters of all time, played by several amazing actresses, with a really good song. Meg Masters, Wicked Ones

This song both makes me laugh, and for some reason reminds me of the actor Chris Evans, but I can’t remember why.

Bones, Imagine Dragons

This song just makes me happy. it’s so chill and relaxing, and yet at the same time, brings out my inner “oh yeah,” side.

Two Feet, Go Fuck Yourself

There you have it, six songs to help you get through your morning

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