I want to introduce you to some writers you may have never heard of, if you don’t hit Medium on a regular basis, or you’re not yet on Twitter. (why aren’t you?) Some of these writers are people I admire from afar, and others are who have the most influence on the work that I do because they are genuine friends whose thoughts and opinions matter to me. You can check each of them out, by clicking their names.

The Journey Man by Marlon Weems

Marlon is an old-school kind of writer, who understands deep south politics in a way I wish I could fathom. He’s able to weave stories of the past with stories of the current day together seamlessly, and beautifully. I highly recommend his work if you’re looking to be educated on racism, politics, and life in America as a Black man.

The Antagonist Magazine, Founded and Curated by Arturo Dominguez

Arturo is one of the world’s bravest writers. Unafraid, and uninterested in apologizing for his approach, he uses TAM to inspire other writers to tell their truth and shows them how it’s done day after day.

Colin Kaepernick Because….Why Wouldn’t You?

Kaepernick writes from a deeply personal place and has created a show based on his experiences, that was hauntingly beautiful.

I struggle to read his work because of how emotional it is for me to connect to someone who seems to have it all but has had it taken from him for his political beliefs.

Freedom Writers are not few and far between, but the truly great ones write from personal experience and Kaep does that beautifully.

Established in 1865 by Hal Harris

Hal Harris. is a fearless writer. He writes from the perspective of a Black man in America who wants to see the next generation have it better than we did.

He’s a beautiful writer, who deserves all the attention he’s going to get when he wins that Pulitzer, who teaches other writers how to be more confident and sure about who they are, in their own writing.

Allison The Daily Writer by Allison Wiltz

One of two founders of Writers and Editors of Color, Witz is a Psychologist Major who writes about everything from racism to politics and celebrity lifestyle. There is nothing that Allison won’t comment on if she is passionate about it, and she does it in a surefire way that inspires her audience while activating them to be the change they want to see in the world.

Be Your Own Kind By Renita Quirls

There is literally nothing this woman can’t do if she puts her mind to it, and she shares that journey of “anything is possible,” with her audience through video and blog. Check out Renita any time you need an ego boost because she’s an expert at it. Renita writes about self-love and confidence and spends all her time finding new ways to lift up her audience.

Savanah Worley

Savvy is one of my favorite people to hang with. She’s super chill but not at all shy. Savvy writes from the perspective of a Black, disabled woman, openly living and working in a place that hates her for existing.

Savanah loves to believe the world can and will be a better place if more Black and marginalized voices speak out and she does a great job at teaching people how to raise up.

Nada Chehade

Nada writes from the perspective of a woman who left the U.A.E to forge her own path, in spite of everyone telling her to do the exact opposite. Author of Gaslight Avenue, Nada lives in Montreal and focuses all her energies on trying to write enough content to get her to Toronto.

There are millions of great writers out there sharing their stories, their education, and their experience, and if you have the time and energy you should reach out to them. You might just make some really amazing and badass unafraid friends.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

If you have thoughts you’d like to add about this post, please leave a message, and let’s talk about them

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