Did you know that Black folk don’t talk about Witchcraft? We don’t celebrate our beliefs if they aren’t Christian, because for centuries we weren’t allowed to. And so the traditions and the rituals that our ancient ancestors would have practiced, while not lost forever yet, are not being practiced in the average Black household.

The psychic abilities that some people envy come more from understanding human behavior and the conceited need to turn Black folk off of a religion they’ve been practicing for millions of years, not because we’re actually psychic. It’s just instinct.

Many psychics will have you believe their gift comes from the universe, and in a sense it does, because we all do, but in reality, the ability to “tell the future” comes more from watching humans and seeing how they behave, than it does from actually knowing what they’re going to do every second of the day.

I used o watch the future as my grandma called it, and a lot of stuff came true, but a lot of stuff didn’t, and that’s because as Alice said in Twilight, you can only see the future when someone has made a concrete decision.

For me it’s a tingle at the base of my neck, a reminder something’s coming. I may not know what precisely, but I usually know when someone is plotting against me, it rarely works because I’m still here, doing my thing, being myself, but that’s not because I don’t believe in Majick.

There are those that say you have to believe in Majick in order for it to work, but that’s not true, that’s like saying someone doesn’t have a stalker until one has proof that the stalker exists. Majick exists whether you believe in it or not, but when you choose to work with the majick in the world, your life gets exponentially better, than when you try to fight against it.

Love is a majick, but so is hatred. Hurt is a majick, but so is joy. Majick is everything and nothing at all once, it’s inside, outside, above, and below. It’s all around us, the problem isn’t that it doesn’t exist, it’s that we’ve forgotten how to see it. My friends have been reminding me and doing a very good job at making me believe again, but that’s only because they watched me for years get my heart broken. Years and years of watching the same people fall, the same people not get up, the same warriors break down and not being able to take anymore.

The first time I saw a Black witch, it was Rachel True in the Craft, I don’t know if they knew back then, how much it would matter to all of us little Black girls, to see a woman who looks like us in the film, but it changed my life and reignited my belief that I was born to be a witchling at the time.

Now I’m a full adult witch, and while I don’t cast spells and write poetry anymore, the urge is still there to wiggle my fingers just to see what can happen, or to dance to the heavens just to say thank you.

The worst part about being a witch, if I’m being honest, is knowing that I have the power to physically manifest change in this world, and knowing that it’s not my place to cast in ways that would affect others, which means to say that with great power comes great responsibility.

The reason you’re seeing so many Black women get back in touch with their spirituality is that in 2021, someone wrote a joke that said that all Black folk would be getting superpowers, sure it was a joke but it got people thinking.

Where do we come from? What would we have been if not for colonization? Black Panther answered some of those questions with the idea that Wakanda Forever means that even if it’s not real, it’s probably real.

Every day people wake up and they choose between being good or being evil, I try to remain mostly neutral, but there’s a lot of dumbassery out there that makes it difficult, I use words instead of spells, to change the world, and I have to hope that this is enough, because I know the consequences of my actions are heavy.

I know that by coming out with my story and naming names I put folks in danger, and I don’t regret it. If the only way to escape the darkness is to go through the darkness, then I’M DRAGGING YOU FUCKHEADS WITH ME!

I did not go through all that shit, just so that I could end up on the stage accepting my first big award alone, so yeah, if casting spells means that my friends from my past get the lives they deserve too, then I guess that’s what Loud Mouth Brown Girl is, it’s just one big spell designed to change the world so that no little Black, Brown, Indigenous, or otherwise child person, ever has to experience the pain and trauma that we went through.

Choosing to speak out is a kind of majick, it’s a protective majick, and that makes those of you speaking out against the traumas you carry heroes. So thank you for speaking out, for testifying, for sharing your story, and for being a part of the reason so many of us are discovering the power inside of ourselves.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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