People in general, are treated like we can be workhorses, but no creature on earth is designed to work until death – okay a few are but not on purpose I don’t think. Our vessels need breaks, and so we have to have faith that when we leave for a little while, the team that we’ve built up can handle the workload without us right?

The problem for Content Creators is that we don’t often have a team. Sure some people hire PR Agents, and others hire marketing firms, but most of us don’t have the money to do that, and regardless of how famous a creator looks to you, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making it look like they have millions, when the truth is far from that reality.

So, we come up with alternative ways to promote ourselves that force us to think outside the box, the kids at Hype House are really good at this and they have thousands of dollars in sponsors, but even they will be the first to tell you that staying on top requires a great deal of mental health control and function.

And in staying on top, friendships have been forever altered, which is the weird part because no matter where you start, you all start with these friendships online, and then money and chasing the fame and the ability to continue to do what you love, tears you apart. It’s a bit like going to Hollywood, or into politics. Life changes things, relationships, friendships, and boundaries all change when you start becoming successful.

Fortunately for me, however, I still have access to a lot of the people I love from my past, always present are their thoughts and support when I need them, even if it’s just from a memory, but I still need to eat and memories don’t pay the bills.

I have been working for five years straight and I am really proud of myself, but the one thing that I am not doing right now is earning a living wage.

I don’t have the ability to get a regular job right now due to my mental health issues, so in the words of the very wise Brown Girl Faerie, Tinu, I am humbly requesting your support and aid. Here’s how you can help.

The Bookstore

The LMBG Book shop is where you can find out about my two books. Uncomfortable is a book of essays and UncomfortableII is a journal for other mental health content creators with step-by-step guides to helping you find your best, most creative self, with or without cannabis.

Shop The Blog

When I first discussed doing this website with people in my community, I knew I wanted a blog shop and now I have one. Check out some of the stuff I sell below. <—-Or click the link to step up your fashion game.

The Go-Fund-Me

The GFM was started because I didn’t have the shop skills I do today and I figured if someone wanted to help, someone might to date we’ve raised over $800 which has allowed me to eat feed my cats, and buy much-needed supplies to help promote the site, so thank you for all your support. PLEASE consider keeping it up here.

I know times are tough for everyone, so I genuinely believe you and love you for choosing to support me.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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