An It Harm None

These are the last words of the Wiccan Rede, and they reason that they are the last words, is because the person who wrote them – or rather the group of humans that wrote them – wanted us all to remember that the craft is about evolution, healing, education, understanding, mutual respect for human and non-human life, and most importantly, not hurting others when you are capable o avoiding it.

Witch Craft comes in many forms that we don’t talk about, it’s it’s own entire language. From cooking in the kitchen, (if you think your famous chef’s aren’t casting spells as they cook for you, you aren’t paying attention.) to the bedroom, the Craft of majick is something that is so beyond explination, most people think that it only amounts to whispering some spells and hoping for the best.

Spell Craft Is Only Half The Work

Spell craft – as in the act of sitting down and crafting a spell is hard work. First you have to decide what it is you want, then you have to make sure you pick the right elements, then you have to hope and literally pray that the Goddess or God that you’re calling to, is someone whose not going to fuck you over, and they rarely are. They’re angry too you know, it’s not fun only being called upon to make human wishes come true, without giving anything in return.

It’s not tug of war, it’s a concentreated effort to create balance between what you ask for, what you recieve, and what you give back in return. Because nothing in this earth is free, if you haven’t learned that lesson yet then nothing I can teach you will mean anything.

Spell Craft is only part of Witchcraft, it’s one small part, and it’s the part everyone focuses on, because you, outsiders, gojers, wannabes, witchlings, all think that you can just wave your hands and make your dreams come true.

I got raped, tortured, and beaten and branded, and my dreams are JUST starting to come true, but it’s not because the God’s made it happen, it’s because every single part of myself is devoted to being who “I” want to be, and that means that while I work with Witch craft I don’t depend on it to change my life…anymore.

Love Majick is Particular, and No, You Can’t Control It So Don’t Try

Love isn’t about control – it’s actually about the lack of control. You can’t control who you fall in love with, and I know this because I’ve only fallen in love a few times – but never the romantic “I want to marry you” kind of love, because honestly most humans piss me off with how little they understand about the world, and how often I am forced to swallow it.

“Never be afraid to be the smartest person in the room,” is always terrifying when it comes to love majick, because when you’re smarter than men who are conditioned to believe they are supposed to be superheros, then you end up being in a situation where you have to choose between impressing him so you won’t be alone, or letting go and finding someone on your level.

When the person you’re with ain’t on your level, THEY AIN’T ON YOUR LEVEL AND THERE AIN’T SHIT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, so when you tell other women “don’t talk to my man,” or you tell other men “that’s my bitch,” you aren’t practicing love majick, you’re practicing controlling someone else and who they spend time with.

A relationship isn’t like owning a pet, it’s not about how much control you have over your partner, it’s about what you’re willing to accept, and hoping that they are willing to work with you to make sure you both get what you need, want, desire, and hope for, when it comes to being together.

I have fallen in love with people I have no desire to marry, but I am still in love with the fact that they exist, until they give me a reason not to. I once told a man he was beautiful, just because he really was, on the outside. He turned around and asked me if I wanted to give him a blow job in an alley.

You can be surprised by someone’s aura by someone’s existence, but that doesn’t necessarily make that surprise good. I was surprised someone so gorgeous could exist, I wasn’t surprised he was a complete douchbag.

Sex Is Not Love, It’s A Vehichle To An Orgasm

Sex is something that anyone can do. I say and I will continue to say that you should wait until your thirties to have sex, because …trust, BUT if you choose not to, just know that feeling that orgasmic feeling? It’s better when you’re with someone that cares about your needs. Yeah I know, it feels so good you think you’re in love, sometimes it feels so good you think you’ve left the planet, but that usually only happens when you’re alone with a viberator. Men cannot compete, do not expect them to, it’s not fair, they are ABSOLUTELY outsmarted.

Empath Majick Is Not Something Everyone Is Born With: Know When You See Red Flags or Shut The Fuck Up

When He Says “She Likes Rough Sex,” He Means “I Raped Her And You’re Not Going To Say Shit About It.” When She Says She Likes Rough Sex She Means “He Raped Me. Shut Up.”

Dear Empaths, dear Witches, Dear Witchlings, when you hear a man or a woman, or a non-binary person say this, ask yourself one question: Is it true? Sometimes it absolutely is. In an open discussion with friends at a bar we talked about all the things that we like, but in a private conversation with myself and an ex friends were warned to stay out of it. They should have intervened, but I didn’t know i needed them to until it was too late.

Period. If you’re going to call yourself an empath, then you better fucking be a God damned empath, and you better hone that skill and actually learn. You can’t just say “yup I’m an empath,” everyone says that shit, it don’t make it true. Empathic Majick is special and it’s a gift not everyone is given.

Many people in the mental health community will tell you they are empaths, but today i posed a question, and as per usual instead of getting the support I needed, I got a white man explaining to me his partner’s problems, openly sharing her story, and not for one moment considering that he may not actually have permission to do so – even if she/he/they/ consented, honestly most times we don’t want you talking about us to other survivors.

If we want to enter the conversation we fucking will, so pushing or pulling, or assuming that things. are okay when they are not does not make you an empath, it makes you an asshole who doesn’t know how to read a God damned thing, even when it’s spelled out for you in English. Periotd.

Majick is a Gift, it’s not something to play with, and when we’re talking about using it to help others it’s not going to work if all you’re doing is spells and crafts thinking that this is going to be enough to balance out the world.

What Is Majick?

It’s the dance. The Song. The love. The laughter, the joy, the sadness, the pain, the challenges, and the push and pull that makes humanity what it is and who we are. And yet as majickal as we are we can’t seem to see what’s right in front of our faces.

I’ve had this problem my entire life, I’ve been standing in front of people, watching them watch the person they think that I’m supposed to be, while simultaniously telling me that I’m not good enough to get where I want to go.

Not an artist.

Not a teacher.

Not a friend.

Not a lover.

Not good enough.

Not worthy.

Not special.

Well when you talk like this, you whisper it into the air, or yell it as the case may be, and as much as you think that trees don’t have ears, or eyes, or lungs, they have all the things that humans have, even brains, they just work differently.

Trees have been here for billions of years, long before humans existed, there were trees, there are places in the world where the trees are almost as old as the planet itself. And yet we have absolutely no concentrated effort to protect the trees that allow us to breathe, the same trees I might add, that when gone, will mean the absolute end of humanity.

Majick has a real effect on the planet, on the elements that make this planet work, and when we’re talking aout listening to our ancestors, when we’re talking about paying attention to the signs, then you have to admit, if you were a true empath you’d know that the world is suffering, along with the humans.

Every single day more and more the world is dying, parts of the globe that used to be covered in green are now dead. Not dying, dead.

When we treat the planet the way that we treat each other, when we treat the majick of the old, the way that we treat each other, when we forget that what we came from remembers who they expect us to become, we sign our own doom.

Don’t ever forget that witchling, because I can fucking promise you, if you fuck around, ya’ll gonna find the fuck out.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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