I’m talking about this shit:

This happened yesterday and nothing, I swear to God, nothing on this planet, not even what happened to me makes me angrier, because THIS IS WHY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME HAPPENED TO ME. Major trigger warning y’all.


I am sitting home on the couch today and my friend tells me she has 2 days at the hotel that allows pets before she and they are out on the street, and in the highest levels of government there are grown-ass white men telling teachers to make sure that they are “fair” to Nazi’s.

Are you fucking kidding me?! Do you remember the Nazi war? Not because you weren’t alive and more than half of those who were are dead now. The Nazi soldiers didn’t just kill Jews, although they did that pretty fucking effectively, they murdered soldiers from around the world in their quest for global domination.

They literally had 2 fucking wars over this kind of shit, supremacy. Those who have will always try to take from those who have not, but here’s the thing: I was raped – and CHOSEN – by white men who thought that no one would care about what happened to me because I am Brown.

What the fuck do you think they would do to my children if their ideology made it into the highest levels of government? Because I know exactly what Nazi soldiers did to children.

They beat them, branded them, raped them, manipulated them, and used them against their parents like weapons, AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT FOR YEARS. I may not have a number tattooed onto my skin, but every single scar on my body minus like four, maybe I lost count, is a scar that came from what happened to me. From what was done to me.

Because of white supremacy. I have spent the last five years screaming and crying, trying to figure out why the fuck I went through all that shit, and it’s because I cannot speak as a Jew, but I CAN speak as a mixed-race Creole woman, who was beaten, branded, sexually abused, and trafficked by men who had faith in Hilter’s ideology.

The Nazis didn’t go after poor in spite of rich, or rich in spite of poor, they went after EVERYONE who didn’t look like them, think like them, act like them. All because Hitler had severely fucked up parental issues.

The Crux of what Hitler was, who he became, started because he took issue with the fact that one of his parents, I can’t remember which one, wasn’t perfect, didn’t fit his needs, didn’t slap his ass enough, or maybe too much.

The question has been asked, “If you could, would you kill Baby Hitler, knowing what you now know?” The answer is no, I’d have raised him differently. Period. I’d have raised him to believe that everybody is beautiful, that life is precious, and not something to be thrown away and disregarded, and he might have still turned out to be a sociopath because some people are just twisted wrong.

I don’t know if it’s a birth defect, I don’t know if it’s a choice, but whatever it is, STOP FUCKING SUPPORTING NAZI’S YOU FUCKING SCUM HUMANS.

I don’t know if I can say this louder or harder, but there is no world in which teachers need to defend nazi ideology. Let me repeat that: TEACHERS DO NOT NEED TO GIVE NAZI’S THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. If you don’t like that then DON’T BE A NAZI.

I am not trying to trivialize the struggle of the Jewish people by calling these fools Nazi’s I’m making a fucking point. Nazi ideology hasn’t gone anywhere, it just hid in the shadows until there were enough believers that it could breathe fire again, and when we fail to stamp it out wherever we see it, it continues to fester and grow like a mold.

I am already tired of having to say this over and over again, but white supremacy is not the path to freedom you think it is. White men don’t think they are smarter, and they know for a fact they are not smarter, that’s why they use hatred to get what they want.

When I was fifteen my brother got pissed off because he didn’t get his way, my mom told him a temper tantrum wouldn’t help, I laughed when he said “it works for Devon.” I’m still laughing, and that’s large because if “I” am throwing a temper tantrum it’s probably because I’ve lost my shit.

These days the trigger is a lot smaller than it used to be, but that’s only because I am so fucking tired that i can’t even hear right now. BOTH my ears are plugged as if my body is trying to ignore this bullshit that just will not go away.

I hate to be the one pouring napalm on a grease fire, but honestly, if we don’t start fighting back now we’re going to end up in the same places as our grandparents. YEAH, THERE ARE STILL GRANDPARENTS ALIVE WHO REMEMBER THE WARS.

Do you remember the poppy? Yeah that money goes to Vets, or it should, a lot more of it should than does, too many of them end up on the street, because the sounds of the street drown out the sounds of bombs, guns, and dying lives screaming as they go.

When I tell victims of sexual abuse to wear camouflage, I don’t do it lightly. I know what war does to people, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The men who raped me were soldiers in their mind, soldiers in a war I didn’t even know at the time we were fighting.

White men, in particular, don’t understand, don’t care, or don’t resonate with those of us who live in color because they are stuck in the days of Pleasantville.

They believe that if they controlled the world the world would be fair for them, but they don’t care about the amount of blood that’s going to take, so if they don’t care about rape, murder, or child sex trafficking, what the fuck makes you think they give a fuck about poverty?

They don’t care about real Veterans who fought in World War 1 & 2, because if they did they’d put more money into helping the vets than they would into arming themselves for a war NO ONE ON EARTH WANTS.

There’s a reason there are a handful of Black folk like (ugh) Candace Owens supporting these belief systems, and it’s only because she’s covering her ass, I’m not playing around anymore. If You’re supporting white supremacy I’m calling your ass out because we deserve better.

Our ancestors fought too hard and lost too much for us to go backward. I was raped, beaten, and tortured, by white supremacists. If you think I’m letting that shit happen to the sons and daughters of the men and women I love, you’re fucking nuts.

And if you come for MY kids? I’ll slay you every fucking time. I have no time to be fighting Nazis, but if it means building my empire on your bones, I’m coming for you.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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