Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist

That means that you run on the belief that you support women and men who have been marginalized, as long as they weren’t genetically classified as one gender or the other at birth, by people outside of their minds and souls. In other words, unless they’re trans.

I’ve been thinking a LOT about J.K. Rowling, and the thing she has both said and done, and the privilege that she’s been granted by our desire to soak up everything she does so that we pad her wallet, while she destroys what’s left of our childhood and teen years.

I read Harry Potter in about the course of a week, staying up all night, and going to school by day without sleep just to finish that series, and I loved every second of it, but I threw all my books away when she started trash-talking Trans people.

I’m old enough to remember when Joe Rogan got his start here in Canada, I’m pretty sure he was on YTV, but he’s become a douche too over the years. Sadly it happens all the time.

Some of us think “when I’m rich and famous I’m going to show the world so much love,” and others think “ONE DAY I’M GOING TO BE A TERF, I JUST NEED TO BE A BILLIONAIRE FIRST.”

Well congrats, you’ve become the person you wanted to be, hateful, spiteful, cruel, mean, abusive, and absolutely desolate of anything that reminds you that you were once a child who believed in majick too.

I have people I care about who are trans, some male, others female. Some close friends, and others that I admire from afar, but always people who are kind, loving, supportive, and who go out of their way to make space for other people on the planet.

People are struggling because the entire world hates them for existing as if they had a choice when they took their first breath on this planet. “Gee I think when I grow up the whole world should hate me because I don’t want this penis but I do want a vagina, or vice versa” is a really fucking horrible thing to believe about people who are just trying to exist.

No one chooses who they become, we become who we become because the world opens our eyes to who we COULD be, and if we could be anything we wanted, why wouldn’t we be the best possible most beautiful version of ourselves?

Sometimes the physical body needs some editing in order for our souls to feel at home, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I honestly believe that if God could exist, God would wonder why you’re more concerned with the kind of sex my friends and family members MIGHT be having, instead of the content of their hearts.

The God’s I believe in, the Goddesses that have carried me to this point, don’t give a flying flip about what is or is not hanging between someone’s legs, they care about what we do with the time that we’re given, and I just can’t fathom why anyone who’s less than that of a God, would care. Do you really have nothing more important to you?

I’m Bisexual – at the very least, and very possibly gay, I haven’t decided yet, and it’s MY decision to make, not yours and not anyone else’s. That took me a really long time to accept, 38 years, twelve months, and eight days actually and every single day I still feel guilty for the fact that I am more turned on by a woman’s breasts than I am by a man’s anything unless he’s cleaning my house.

Murder by proxy is a crime. Murder by proxy means you didn’t pick up the pipe and bash someone’s head in, but you might as well have because YOUR behavior led to someone’s death. That’s what you’re doing when you hammer in the idea that trans folks aren’t human, and don’t deserve the same basic human rights as you or I.

I am writing this letter, because another child has died, a 7th grader, who was bullied because he MIGHT have been gay. I say might have been because I didn’t read the fucking story, because I just can’t read another damned story about another broken child, who took their own life, before they even had a chance to experience all the great things that this world has to offer.

Y’all wanna talk about straight pride? Let’s talk about it. Straight pride happens every Friday and Saturday night at every single cis club in the world, where white men drug and abuse women while slapping each other on the back and laughing at about her “tits” like seriously? You want more of this?

Give me this:

Love is beautiful, and rich in color, excitement, pleasure, and fun, denying that from ANYONE because you disagree with their right to exist, is not what Loud Mouth Brown Girl stands for, and we won’t support any artist or human who disagrees with this statement.

Loud Mouth Brown Girl and anyone who supports this brand, will stand in the line of fire when it comes to you and your hatred, but the point is that we shouldn’t have to. Stop hating us because we exist, and join us, it’s prettier over here.

Sending all our love

Loud Mouth Brown Girls everywhere

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