Justin Trudeau, for those of you who have no idea, is the Prime Minister of Canada. He’s just like the American President, only Canadian.

Basically that means that he’s super important to the development of our country, without our Prime Minister, all hell breaks lose. Now, I’m not a huge fan of this particular human, HOWEVER, that doesn’t change the fact that I understand his job is important, stressful, and filled with half the country hating him, while one third doesn’t much care, and the other two thirds actually care, and will actively try to kill him. Yes, I made those stats up.

HOWEVER, AGAIN, He’s the friggen Prime Minister, and like any GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE, He deserves time off with his family. “BUT ON RECONCILIATION DAY?” Yes, and here’s why.

Name one Indigenous Community that invited the man to one of their events. I’ll wait.

Name one Nation that is screaming “but he could have brought his family to our celebration, he could have come to talk to us, he could have spent that particular day with the Indigenous community, and then we wouldn’t be so angry.” Yes you would, because he would have worn the wrong tie, or bowed the wrong way, or said the wrong thing, because the man can NEVER do anything right.

When he called the election everyone screamed and railed at him for not doing his job because he was too busy running his campaign, when the two Michael’s were released he was suddenly a hero, after winning an election, and yes a minority government because “Canada showed him.”

Then after all that, he took a day to spend time with his family, to appreciate the work that he’s put into the world, to spend time with his family, on Reconciliation day.

  • What did they talk about?
  • Did they talk about the history of Canada?
  • Did they discuss why “this particular day” was so important to more than a million people who live in Canada while being Indigenous?
  • Did he spend the day with his family, reflecting on his cultural impact on the country?

Do you know the answers to those questions? No, I bet you fucking do not.

Yes, I get it, it was a super, super super, important day, NOTHING will ever change that, but to be pissed off that he took a vacation day is fucking ridiculous, and here’s why.

When the man is at work, he is a public figure, when he is at an event, when he is busting his ass to free innocent men from a terrorizing prison, he is doing his job, and I don’t give a fuck who you think you are, EVERY HUMAN ON EARTH, deserves a day or two off.


YES ON THAT FUCKING DAY. If you are angrier that he took a vacation, than by the fact that his PRIVATE DAY OFF FAMILY LOCATION WAS LEAKED, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.

There are people in this country that want that man dead, if you don’t believe me, let’s go back to the time that terrorist got past his security and into his backyard, where he thankfully wasn’t home.

Let’s go back to rocks being thrown at him and his staff while on the campaign trail. I don’t CARE That he took a vacation day, what I care about is that the safety of the Prime Minister is at risk because both the RCMP AND the Press leaked his location, WHILE HE WAS THERE, without any consideration, to the fact that he and his family, AND HIS CHILDREN, might have been put in danger, just so that Canadians can have ONE more thing to be pissed off about.

If Justin Trudeau had been invited to a special ceremony and declined in order to take that vacation day, I would understand, and I KNOW he wasn’t because if he HAD been the Press would have jumped on that like my fat ass on chocolate cake.

He wasn’t invited. So what was he supposed to do? You all seem to forget that his children did not ask to be the children of the Prime Minister, and so maybe a part of that day was about them getting a break from the public eye for a change.

“BUT WE LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE IN CANADA,” Okay first of all, no the fuck we do not, and secondly, just imagine for a moment, that while other kids are having normal summers chasing frogs and going camping in the forest, your kids are stuck on the campaign trail watching as people throw rocks at your dad.

Just imagine how terrifying it might be to know that your dad is getting death threats, that some of those threats are actionable, just imagine being a kid under the age of eighteen, trying to figure out what it’s like to be a human, while EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY IS WATCHING YOU.

I remember being my mom’s daughter, I know what it’s like to have all kinds of people telling me how to dress and behave so that “you don’t embarrass your mother,” because “this is an important day for her,” and I ONLY got a break from that political bullshit when I hit my 30s, quit my job, and told everyone in our lives to take a flying leap off a short cliff.

And my mom is only involved in LOCAL politics, so I cannot imagine what it might be like to be the kids of Sophie and Justin Trudeau, maybe THEY needed a day, with their parents, outside the line of the public, but none of y’all are thinking about that though?

Your only thought is “how dare he?” He dares because he’s a human being, and he’s a human being with LITERALLY the most important job in the country, so I don’t mind him taking a day off, what I mind is the flip flopping bullshit.

Election: What a douche we don’t need or want this bullshit, so we’re going to spend six months bitching about it.

Two Michel’s: Oh my God, so THAT’S what he was doing, he was secretly trying to do the thing we’ve been screaming at him to do for YEARS, and now we like him again, after years of bitching about him not doing a fucking thing to save those lives.


Again, I’m not a huge fan either, but the press played you. They had NOTHING to talk about the day after Reconciliation day, so they went after Trudeau because he and his family, are easy targets. They know that if they attack him, you’ll join in on the rage, and yes, they are absolutely controlling you, and you are fucking letting them. Stop it.

I totally understand more now than I ever did growing up, especially in THIS year, when so many bodies of innocent children are being returned home, FINALLY, how frustrating it can be to look at our country’s leader and think “well I would do it better,” would you though?

Largely because of the legacy of his father, Justin is never going to be the guy that everyone loves, yeah he’s made some pretty bonehead fucked up moves. Repeated uses of Black and Brown face are one, probably wearing a full Indian outfit maybe not the best move, his dancing isn’t that great, HOWEVER, taking a single day off after all the work he’s put in trying to prove he deserves your vote? Not really one of them.

If you want to be angry here are some things you could be SUPER pissed about:

  • Indigenous tribes, and nations, STILL NOT HAVING CLEAN WATER, just a thought.
  • Women in Canada still being raped, abused, and left homeless at higher rates than their male counterparts is another.
  • Children going to bed hungry? DEFINITELY pisses me off, ESPECIALLY in Canada.
  • Fucking pipelines, get the fuck rid of that shit, PUHLEASE.
  • Oil Workers not being given the chance to elevate their education so that we can get rid of pipelines and find other, healthier, economically rich solutions to our dependence on oil.
  • The fucking housing crisis. Why the fuck are people who don’t live in this country buying houses at TEN MILLION DOLLAR PROFITS, while my ass can’t seem to raise the five thousand dollar capital to start my own business and get out of the hole I was dropped into after child sex slavery?
  • White Supremacy: That bullshit, why the fuck do WHITE people in CANADA, a country that was COLONIZED AND STOLEN by white people, seem to think they hold the moral superiority?

There are a billion things to be angry about in this country, least of which is Justin and Sophie giving their children off so that their kids can have a day off. In 30 years those kids are gonna grow up to write books, and with all the reasons that I am ALREADY pissed off at Justin Trudeau, I really don’t find out that on top of everything, he was a sucky parent too. I just don’t. Those kids didn’t ask to be in politics, and y’all seem to forget that Justin Trudeau is at his core, JUST. A. MAN.


Think about all the things that you can absolutely control. You can control your vote, you can control volunteering in an organization or a group that makes your community a better place, but you can not possibly control when another human being takes a vacation, so get over it, and get your ass to work, or you know…keep bitching and moaning because OH MY GOD HE WENT TO TOFINO. TOFINO? THAT RAT BASTARD.

No, shame on YOU for sitting there and feeding into the machine that is “journalism,” by letting “journalists,” tell you what to be angry about.

There’s too much work to be done for me to sit around and keep talking about what a douche the world thinks Justin Trudeau is, so move on.


Devon J Hall

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