In every story ever told about a girl who becomes a woman during a time of war, and then is forced to sacrifice every single part of herself in order to save the world, at the end of the story she gets to be “her self” again.

I wonder what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s legacy will be saying about her in a hundred years. Will they talk about how she changed lives and inspired young women from around the world to get into politics? Or will they talk about how she completely drank the kool-aid, and joined the cool kids at the Met Gala last night?

Now, I understand that the Met Gala is a fundraiser for arts programs, but the arts programs that it supports aren’t for kids who are living below the poverty line, it’s so that rich people can go and see artwork they can’t even afford, just to say that they did something positive for a community that completely ignores the fact that just down the block, hundreds of thousands of kids are wondering when they will get “their turn” to go and see the beautiful artwork hidden behind glass and bars.

There is a whole world that the kids from the poor side of the fence will never get to see, no matter how much good the many of us put into the world, that’s just the reality. There will always be those who have, and those who have not.

The problem is when those who have not, work their asses off to join the elite, only to become one of them, and to forget where it is they have come from and AOC…sadly, seems to have done that.

Now, I don’t hate that she’s on TV, I think it’s important for her to get her messages of income disparity out there, but it’s hard to take her serious when you see this shit.

How the fuck you going to go to a gala that costs $30,000 (at LEAST) in a dress like this with a giant smile on your face as if you’ve won something? I know that I am not American, but this is NOT A FLEX. It’s a fuck you to everyone who believed that you were different, and the saddest part of all of this is I am not even in the least bit, surprised.

When I first saw AOC on the Colbert Show, I legit cried. She was showing off shoes that couldn’t have cost more than a few pennies, and they had holes in the soles, because she’d worn them while campaigning, and I thought “wow, that’s super cool, that shows a lot of genuine desire to be someone who affects change in the power rooms.

But what has she done since? I know what she wears to events, and I know when she tells other Reps that they are out of line, and I know when she talks down to basically every white man or woman in Congress, but I know next to NOTHING about her political work, you know the work she gets PAID by TAXPAYERS to do? That stuff, you know the reason she’s famous to begin with?

Do you know how many women, and children went to bed hungry last night, while she went to celebrate her existence with the rich and famous that she so famously now, spoke down to with that dress? I am sorry AOC but you absolutely cannot have it both ways.

You can not attend a $30,000 event, and then talk about taxing the rich, when we all know that you’re only saying that because it keeps your face in the paper today. I have watched quietly, deliberately not saying a single thing about AOC publicly because I never want to be one of those women that tears down other women, especially when let’s be honest, I definitely wish I was in a different economic bracket.

HOWEVER. In this particular case? What we saw last night was AOC giving the middle finger to the whole damned world.

“Fuck the people who thought that I was going to support them by creating legislation that would actually pass and do something good for the world.”

“Fuck the rich that invited me to their fancy party because I am totally better then them, because no matter what I do everyone is going to see me as America’s sweetheart”

I respect that AOC worked her ass off – literally, to get into office, but beyond being Washington’s latest celebrity, what has she actually DONE for the world? I had to pause writing this essay to go and look.

I couldn’t find anything.

I cannot find a single piece of government legislation that she’s gotten passed, now that says more about my laziness, and my internet skills than her talent in office, BUT it shouldn’t be that hard to type in “what has AOC done,” and find a bunch of stuff that she’s done, instead of stuff she’s promised to do.

I am absolutely tired of the spectacle of politics, I don’t give a fuck what parties you go to, or what dress you fucking wear, I don’t want to hear about it.

  • I want to know about the SERIOUSLY MASSIVE CLIMATE CRISIS, you know that thing that is going to destroy ALL OF HUMANITY WHILE WE SLEEP IN OUR BEDS?
  • I want to know that Politician’s are talking about, and making an effort to change childhood poverty, hunger, and safety issues, like childhood sexual abuse, WHICH IS BIGGER IN THE USA THEN ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.
  • I want to know when staff workers who work at places like Amazon, and Walmart are going to get paid LIVING wages so that the rest of us can have the convivence of never having to leave our homes.

I am sure, absolutely 100% certain last night was a great networking opportunity but if more people know what dress your wearing, or what your name and face are, than what work you’ve ACTUALLY done for this world, then are you really accomplishing anything? Or are you just the poster child that they are ABSOLUTELY turning you into, just so that they can say “See? We let the Latinax girl from the Bronx in, we’re not elitest

I say this shit, being ABSOLUTELY 5000% in love with the idea of being wealthy and famous, I say this knowing that if that day ever comes you can bet your ass that people will know more about the WORK that I do for others, instead of what outfits I’m wearing to the fucking grocery store.

Last night I was asked if I would ever go to the Met, and I asked why? Why would I go to an event that doesn’t even remotely cater to a single project, or community that “I” care about? Why in the unholy hell would I spend 30,000 fucking dollars, to spend a night with Kim Kardashian West? I mean oddly, I respect the hell out of the woman for her hustle, but $30,000 would buy my single elderly neighbor a small house to live in for the rest of her life so that she never has to choose between food and medication ever again.

At the very least it’s a down-payment on a house for her. So no, I wouldn’t go to the Met, not unless I got the ticket for free, because I’m a cheap bitch like that. I am glad you had fun, I am glad you look beautiful, I am even glad you FELT beautiful, I just wonder if it was worth it

I don’t have the energy to send my love to AOC today, because I’m too disgusted.

Peace out,

Devon J Hall

P.S the one cool thing is that she pays her interns a living wage, I’ll give her credit for that…but honestly? I mean do you really deserve a pat on the back for doing what you SHOULD be doing anyways?

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