I am so fucking tired of men. I talked about this yesterday in my post about my anger, and I am no less angry as I write this post ten minutes after I wrote yesterdays.

Here’s the headline folks:

Norwegian women’s beach handball team fined for not playing in bikinis: While male players are allowed to play in tank tops and shorts, women are required to wear bikini bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle.

This is a direct quote from the article written by Caroline Radnofsky, of NBC News. So here’s the rub, women are as per fucking usual, being treated as sexual objects, instead of being allowed to do their job effectively, because who cares if these women have spent their entire lives training so that they could be on THIS particular stage, to showcase everything they’ve been learning to do.

There is absolutely zero reason that the world needs to see athletes play sports, literally this is the perfect example of extra-curricular activities, but we do it, because it’s really cool to watch so many men and women from around the world, come together to compete after spending years honing their skills.

When it comes to men we’re talking about their skill, their talent, their efficacy when it comes to their work ethic, when it comes to women? We’re focused on what they are or are not wearing, and then we tell our little girls they can be “whatever they want,” as long as they are willing to showcase their asses and boobs to the entire fucking world in pursuit of their dreams.

Have you ever worn an elastic thong? Because bikini bottoms are pretty much like that, they have absolutely no hold ability, they don’t support your muscles, they show them off, they are DESIGNED to show them off, and that’s great if you’re just hanging around the beach.

If however, you are travelling the world trying to show the world how great you are so that you can get PAID to do the job that you’ve spent your entire life training for, they are less than fucking useless, and we’re supposed to support this bullshit?

“Congratulations for winning that game while being treated with less respect than a professional exotic dancer gets, because at least they get paid to show off their bodies beneath their clothes.”

“Congratulations for winning that game even though you were super uncomfortable because the committee that decides the rules would rather stare at your ass as it’s hanging outside your twisted up bikini bottom, than let you do your job which is to WIN THE GOD DAMNED GAME.”

The Sport Is Called Beach Volleyball not “Beach Stare At Women in Bikini’s like horny twelve year old boys.”

It is just fucking rude to treat women like sexual objects at any moment of the day, but fining them for choosing to wear uniforms that are not only more comfortable, but that also allow them to do the JOBS that we ENCOURAGE them to do for OUR entertainment, in a better more efficient way, is fucking disgusting.

I’m not entirely sure that it’s a crime against humanity to treat women like sex objects against their will, but it damned well should be. Women specifically, are constantly made to feel like the only thing they have to offer is what is between their legs, or on their chests, instead of what is inside their brains and muscles, and if we’re not going to stop at the European Tournament or at the fucking Olympics, then when the fuck is it time?

The Olympics were started in Greece, and the idea was that if you won, the Gods and Goddesses would come down and shower you with blessings, it was done in order to show case the best of the best, and inspire community. It was done to entertain the Emperor and all of his citizens, it was a great honor to be considered an Olympian.

And yet today it’s treated as nothing more than another day that ends in Y. Black women swimmers aren’t allowed to wear special caps that fit their heads better, because well honestly…they’re Black, the official ruling was that:

“It does not fit the natural form of the head.”

What they mean is that the Soul Cap, which Black women Olympians prefer, doesn’t fit the natural form of the WHITE head.

So women, and Black folk, we have a lot in common, and it usually has less to do with what our actual skill level is, and more about demeaning us because they think that what we look like, might give us an edge over our competitors, so they better slap us down to remind us that we’re never going to be allowed to be our natural true selves because the men in power are terrified of what might happen….If.

I’d tell you what would happen if women and Black folk were in charge:

  • Education would be free around the world
  • Technology would be regulated so that it doesn’t cause more harm than good.
  • Men who buy sex robots would get a discount because if you’re going to buy a sex robot you should get a discount, as a thank you for leaving us real women the fuck alone.
  • The environment would stop being raped for every fucking resource it can provide faster than it can provide it, just to satisfy the needs of men who see something beautiful and need to destroy it just to feel good about themselves.
  • Children would be protected from predators.
  • Prisons would have rehabilitation programs that actually provided the skills that prisoners need in order to feel whole, happy, healthy, sane and productive in this world.

Men have had their turn in charge, and they only thing that they have continued to prove over literally millions of years, is that a well rounded ass, and a “perfect” pair of tits, will make them salivate like a fucking baby sucking at momma’s teet, men are now, have always been, and will forever continue to be, children.

I know precisely why I won’t date, it’s because for the first little while, no matter what I say the person that I am with, probably a man in my case, because I’m just too damned afraid to try and date a woman, will spend all his time wondering what I look like naked, instead of listening to what I have to say.

I know it sounds bleak ladies, but you know that I am telling the truth, the time for us to demand respect isn’t over, our ancestors women have been doing it for generations, and we are IN THE SAME FUCKING PLACE WE WERE IN 1876.

Do you know that women used to wear head to toe bathing suits, and showing an ankle was considered “scandalous”, but then men realized they could make us feel small and little by objectifying us, and all of a sudden now we’re SUPPOSED to wear as little as possible, because otherwise we get fucking fined for it.

Thanks and shoutout to Pink who paid the fine by the way because she’s a fucking amazing superhero mamma who wants her daughters to grow up in a world where they can wear whatever the fuck they want without HAVING to look sexy in order to win a fucking volleyball game.

I love the Norwegian team, not only because they took the hit and got the fine, but because they decided that they wanted to wear shorts, and so they wore shorts, without fear. I am proud of them because they stood up for themselves, knowing that how they are being treated is absolutely wrong.

Kudos to them, and shame on any single person who tries to demean these women, anyone who tries to make them feel small and little because they don’t want to be objectified while showing off their natural and hard earned talent.

Y’all are fucking amazing and I love you.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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