I am so excited to say that I have been included in an amazing group of writers who call themselves Writers’ and Editors of Color.

I am proud because these are phenomenal writers from across North America. They are men, and women, who have been written by the writing bug, and they showcase their work on the platform known as Medium. I had a few posts up there, but it was these men and women who encouraged me to keep writing there, and it’s added a lot of extra work to my ordinary load, but I have to tell y’all, I am loving it.

I am loving the fact that writing on Medium is a totally different challenge. These are people who aren’t just writing about things that matter to them, these are people who are some of the best writers in the world.

They are successful and powerful voices who want me to be a part of their circle and that feels pretty amazing. So on the Medium platform I have a publication called “And Another Thing…” much like Loud Mouth Brown Girl, I don’t know what I am doing, and I am moving with trial and error, but it feels really good to be able to write about things like racial issues and have people who are mixed race, Black or Brown who approach me to say “I understand what you’re saying, I feel that too.”

When you have your own blog – no matter how professionally you might approach it – it can feel pretty lonely, but stepping out of my comfort zone to write on a platform that reaches so many in such a short period of time, can be really eye opening.

So I want to talk about “And Another Thing…” I want this blog that you’re reading right now to be about all the issues that come with being Brown in Surrey, BC, I want my Medium publication to be all the stuff that doesn’t fit here.

I am going to try and make them two totally different publications, so what you’ll find here you won’t find on medium, and what you’ll find on medium you won’t find here.

Sometimes topics might cross over, but that’s because I want to spread as much of my content out as far as I can. For instance, I documented my cannabis journey here, but I also wrote about lessons that I’ve learned from blogging for four years straight here.

I want And Another Thing...to be an extension of this blog, I want it to be further proof that I am a good writer, and that I know what I am doing. I want as many people as possible to see what I have to say, and to acknowledge that I say it well.

The major difference between this blog and Medium is that on Medium people can highlight and comment on my articles in ways that I can get feedback on how things are written, they give me advice about how to make my thoughts better, and that’s super helpful.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to And Another Thing…by Loud Mouth Brown Girl.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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