In one of my former posts I talked a lot about our responsibilities as humans on this earth. Sometimes I accidentally on purpose click the video section of Facebook, and tonight as I was thinking about this post, I came upon a video that talked about why Perez Hilton was kicked off Tik Tok. Among one of the many reasons, it was because people who supported one of the influencers he abused, decided they didn’t want his kind of “comedy” on their platform.

It plays right into what I want to talk about in this post. We as people of the world have a responsibility to those around us, and with the way the world is going, we absolutely have a responsibility to our internet community.

We the users demand to be heard by the corporations, and if we stand by the belief that we can make or break a company, we better get used to the fact that we have to use that power wisely.

Our internet persona’s stopped being masks a long time ago, as we’ve seen with movements like the Arab Spring, Anonymous, Occupy, MeToo, and yes even Q Anon, what we say on the internet has the power to change lives.

Before January 6th 2021, Q Anon was merely an idea on the internet, after that we realized that Q Anon is a very real terrorist threat to democracy and basic human decency. We learned after 1/6, that the power of the internet has just as much ability to destroy as it does to help people rise up against oppression, and we need to start seriously talking about that.

Years ago we fought against internet censorship laws around the world, but namely here in Canada and in the USA, we demanded that the governments of the world stopped censoring people, and yet in a very real way – for very real reasons – we contributed to the censorship that silenced Donald Trump from social media apps from around the world.

I am not saying kicking him off these platforms was a bad thing, I am saying the ability for us to unite and accomplish such a feat is a powerful thing.

When I first started writing, it was my friends Mia the Demoness, and Barrie G. Hall who encouraged me to keep writing, to push myself to stop seeing misery in everything in my eyeline. It was these two people, who went by two very different online nicknames, that became my anchor to the world, keeping me from slitting my wrists or finding other painful and bloody ways to end my pain.

That is powerful, to be someone’s guiding light when they feel they are surrounded by darkness is incredibly powerful, and with that power comes responsibilities.

We forget that our words have power, because we deal with anxiety, depression, misery, ptsd, any number of reasons that can be explained once we dig in deep and start understanding the things that have traumatized our experience here on this earth.

That means that we must be careful with what we say, how we say it, and who we say it about who, as Perez Hilton learned recently.

I don’t feel sorry for him, because honestly he made millions of dollars making fun of people and telling them that they didn’t measure up to the people he thinks they should be. He made millions being a bully, I didn’t subscribe to his website when it came out, and I don’t support him now.

I have never really thought making fun of people is “funny”, and I’ve always hated the idea that people make a lot of money to emotionally evisorate people they don’t like, it’s why I only turn to TMZ when I need to hear something truly stupid so I can turn my brain off for awhile, even though TMZ has become far more woke then Perez Hilton will ever be able to claim to be.

I think there is big money in lifting people up, but even that we need to be careful with, because often times the people that are making money off of us by telling us how good life can be, are complete frauds behind the computer.

I don’t know if God delivered the commandments himself, but I do know there is something to this not worshipping false idols thing. It’s one thing to look up to people who have been on your path and succeeded at things you want to succeed at, it’s another entirely, to put them on a pedestal and act like they are the next coming of the Messiah.

There will never as long as we live on this planet, be another person like Jesus Christ. At this point the idea of Jesus, Mary, and even the Apostles, is a perception, changed and altered over thousands of years to fit the idea of who those who claim to follow him say that he should have been.

We have no idea of knowing if the stories about Jesus reflect the actual man, and this is why I say it’s more important than ever to follow your heart. Yes, intake the information from the bible, learn the stories, listen to the myths, and then decide for yourself.

When it comes to doing what is best for you and your life, I always think that it’s best to make the choice that leads you to a place where you can help lift others up. If it feels good, and right, and just, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then absolutely follow forward with your decision.

If it’s going to diminish you, or the life of someone else, then don’t do it, because it’s probably just going to cause more harm than good.

We can only do the best that we can do in the moment, and if your absolute best is tearing someone down, or making them feel like they don’t measure up to you somehow, then it’s probably not the best decision that you can be making.

Your internet persona is a part of your legacy, only you can decide what you want your legacy to be.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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