Someone said this to me once, I was “seeing” someone online, and she was frustrated with the fact that I had no real interest in meeting this person in real life. None of my online relationships with men were anything more to me than filling a void. It was sad, being in these online relationships that had no future, but it gave me the illusion of feeling loved, and that was really all I needed at the time.

Now that I am older I look back to that conversation and I smile because I knew that no matter how much other people thought we were the perfect couple, it wasn’t something that was meant to last. I know this because although I went through all the motions of being in love, I don’t even remember his name today.

When I think about all these Q Anon folks I feel angry, and annoyed, and frustrated, because they believe the dumbest fucking shit, but the truth is that unfortunately the lies they were told are not that far from the truth.

Yes, there are government agents around the world who buy and sell children for sexual pleasure. I know this because I was a part of #OpLithChild in which a child named Diamante was sold by her mother, to members of the Lithuanian government. There is still videos on youtube of the child being ripped away from her guardian, by an entire Lithuanian police force.

Neringa Venkiene is still fighting extradition from the United States of America in fear that if she is to return to Lithuania she will be murdered for being an enemy of the government. In this particular case the child’s father, a lawyer, and a judge who were trying to protect her, were murdered, and her custody was transferred to the same mother that sold her in the first place.

So in the case of the big lie about governments selling kids – that shit is true, from what we were able to gather during OpLithChild, we learned that there are several governments who are in cahoots with Lithuania, in protecting their secrets from the world, so yes I KNOW it happens, but what I don’t know is how it went off the rails so fucking fast and hard.

It was like they took part of the truth, wrapped it in lies, and served it up like a bacon sandwich, How can you believe in Pizza Gate? Because it’s so simple it just might be true.

“People order pizzas but what they are really ordering is children,” pedophilia and white supremacy were used like weapons against these Q Anon supporters who fell for these lies hook line and sinker.

That pisses me off, it makes me angry that all this passion, all this zest for doing the right thing could be used to hurt so many people, millions of people, around the world. From the travel ban to children in cages, now Q Anon supporters have people in congress and there is a part of me that is absolutely terrified.

I want them arrested, I want them to go to jail, I want them to never again have a hold on democracy in any country, much less the one to the south, but what I want more than anything is for the creators of the Q Anon conspiracy to be outted, and jailed, I want everyone to know their names, and faces.

This article details the early days of Q Anon but of course it doesn’t name names and that’s what I want. I want the men or women or people who invented Q to suffer the consequences of their actions, but I honestly doubt that will happen.

Instead it will be the ordinary citizens who believed that they were fighting for the right side, who believed that they were doing the right thing that will pay the consequences.

They have already lost tens of thousands of dollars, they are losing their businesses, and their homes, all because they believed in a conspiracy wrapped in white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, and general hatred, and part of me is shaking my head and wanting to say “do you want to talk about it?”

This all being said, I cannot stress this enough, six people died, and at least one person was murdered, so you’re right I am fucking angry. I am utterly pissed off that this conspiracy was allowed to go so far unchecked, I am angry that the press chose to ignore it instead of countering it with factual news that counteracted the damage that Q set out to cause.

And by “news” I mean “Fox”. For four years Fox news stations supported Q and the lies of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and others, it fed the fire with fuel, and no one at Fox gave a God damn about the people they were causing damage to.

Part of me wants to say that it’s time to dismantle Fox news, but by the same token where does it end? How much more do we have to take from them before they start to realize that it’s for their own good…does that sound framiller?

We can take them off twitter, we can take them off facebook and instagram, but they rightfully will accuse us of silencing their voices and trying to keep them separated so that they can’t share information with each other.

Everyone has the right to say whatever they want, at any given time, but they don’t have the right to yell fire in a filled theater, they don’t have the right to cause panic and fear that causes damages and hurts human beings in physical, emotional, and mental ways.

They don’t have the right to lie and manipulate, so here’s the thing. I am sorry that you got wrapped up in Q, I am sorry that you went through the horrors of all that disinformation, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but you’re still responsible for your behavior.

You stormed the capitol. You murdered men and women in the streets and in their beds while they slept. You did whatever you could to undermine the United States democracy, you became a terrorist and you killed six people.

You have to pay the consequences of your actions. As far as the rest goes, I hope y’all get the help you need.

Devon J Hall

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