I know that I am supposed to support Kamala Harris because she is a mixed race Black and South Asian woman, but I hate to break it to you…I need more than that.

My expectations for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s first term are incredibly high, because after the last four years, I feel like the world is about to tip over and I feel like I cannot catch my balance. What’s worse is that I am not even American, so I can’t imagine how they feel.

Right now the President of Uganda is trying to steal an election, across Africa millions are being murdered, and killed, both by rebel armies and the covid disease. There seems to be no end to the suffering of Black people around the world, and Indigenous are still fighting to get their land rights back from the descendants of the colonizers who stole the land rights to begin with.

Children are still in cages, mothers haven’t seen their children in actual months, and the still current President of the United States of America is being accused of selling pardons to the highest bidder, with the expectation that he will send one hundred of them before he leaves office.

I look back to the little girl who was gang raped and tortured, and I wonder what kind of world she would have wanted to grow up in. I assume she would have wanted to grow up not experiencing gang rape and vile vicious torture, but besides that part.

I mean the girl I was when I was fourteen and fifteen, I genuinely am trying to remember what she thought about, what she wanted. She wanted to be a model like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, she wanted to travel the world and have adventures and fall in love.

The woman I am today however realizes that although that lifestyle was my passion it was never my purpose. My purpose is to speak for the little Brown boys and girls who haven’t figured out how to speak for themselves yet.

It’s to raise my voice loud enough so that what happened to me never happens to anyone else again, and so that means that the things that matter to me most have to be about ensuring the safety and protection of children.

I want to know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to do right by the children of the migrants who were forced to stay in cages for months. I want to know they are going to do everything they can to find every single one of those missing kids, and bring them home to their families.

I want to make sure that people who have been working on the front lines; doctors, nurses, truck drivers, grocery store workers, and restaurant staff are going to be protected if we have to go into another lockdown. I want to know that every single American (and Canadian) has access to the vaccine. I want to know that this pandemic is going to end soon, and that the world is going to be safe to go into again.

Donald Trump’s failure as a President is absolutely America’s failure as a society and y’all need to own that. The shit that he did will have generational consequences, and I am not just talking about kids in cages, I am talking about crimes against humanity. I am talking about crimes against nature and the economy.

I want to know that they are going to ensure that the shit that he caused is never able to happen again, like the dismantling of the EPA rules that were protecting and helping the environment, are they going to address these issues?

Kamala Harris was known for being tough on crime, so I want to know that she’s going to be as tough on Donald Trump as she was on Brown and Black folk in California, I want to ensure that the job they do over the next four years isn’t just to repair the damage of Donald Trump but to build the foundation of a legacy of fair law and order.

I want to go to sleep knowing that the world is safe again, and I don’t think that this is majickally going to happen because the Vice President of the United States of America looks like me. Just because she looks like me, doesn’t mean she would or will do things the way that I would or will do them. Yes I respect the hell out of her because she fought hard to get where she is, but as the saying goes, all skin folk ain’t kin folk.

That’s an important lesson to remember, just because people look like us, doesn’t mean they have our best interest at heart, as seen by Ali Alexander. He is a Black man and yet he helped organize the capitol riot where five people died and two bombs nearly went off.

When I see Black people feeding into white supremacy I get incredibly angry and I feel the need to smash them in the face, because it is such a betrayal of everything that our ancestors went through to get to this point. I want to know that men like Alexander are going to face justice.

I want to go to bed knowing that we are not going to be forced to fight another war in defense of our American neighbors, and none of these things that I want are going to happen because Kamala Harris is a Brown woman.

So yeah we have a lot of work to do over the next four years, the only questions that remain are are you going to step up and do what has to get done? Or are you going to sit back and watch the rest of us do the work while we try to free you from the dumpster fire that is American politics right now?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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