I didn’t plan to do this today, but let’s be honest when the fuck does Devon J Hall ever plan anything? I stumble into shit, and then act like I know everything because I am confident as fuck like that.

La Lumiere Magazine is every writer’s dream digital work book. It’s a blog written in the fiction style and with each post I am getting to know the characters that I am writing about.

Every post I write brings me closer to discovering who these characters are and what they are about and I am really excited about that.

Recently an opportunity to apply for the chance to maybe get a Netflix deal came across my Twitter feed and part of me is kicking myself for not stepping up and writing something that would have given me the chance to maybe be in the running.

The other part of me knows that the stories that I want to tell can only be told one way and that’s my way. The story I am telling through LLM is about Sugar Ledoux Kingston Kent.

She is the daughter of a former cult leader who was killed or may have killed himself in a raid that freed over two hundred and fifty people living on a commune in British Columbia Canada.

Slowly we are discovering that Sugar Ledoux is the heir to the Matriarchal throne of a society called The House of Krisya Ohana. There are fifteen Madre’s in total, and fifteen Jr. Madre’s who will travel around the world to meet their elders and learn from them.

Sugar Ledoux is the second daughter of Jonah Kingston Kent and Mary Yorke who also died in the raid. She was raised by her step-mother Isobella Kingston Kent, who was Jonah’s first wife, and his entrance into the society of Kris.

There are of course questions about the Kris people and these travelling Roma Gypsy who live in the shadows of the world, but have the power of Queens and Kings behind them.

They are a mostly wealthy society that lives beyond Gojer or “human” law, because they have their own laws, and they claim to be among the oldest societies in the world.

Their history is rich with culture that spans the globe, music, food, and art. They are secretive and the premise behind the blog is that Sugar’s older sister, Therapist Dr. Tabitha O’Bryan Clarke, daughter of Isobella first daughter of Kent, started the blog to reveal the light behind the shadows.

All of the characters live on a two hundred and fifty acre farm in Abbotsford British Columbia, and while many of the people who live there are Kris who escaped Kingston Kent, just as many are Gojer who are looking for a place to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

I am discovering that I am making things hard on myself by adding fifteen different countries and cultures to draw from, but the important part of this story is that Kris are connected to people across the globe. They understand what it is like to be incredibly wealthy, and they understand extreme poverty in some cases.

It’s a story that I am crafting with my heart, which is why it’s taking so much longer to write it out, but I genuinely hope you will consider following along and sharing your thoughts in the comments sections.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

Go HERE if you want to see the fictional world I am building.

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