La Lumiere Magazine: The Official Launch

I didn't plan to do this today, but let's be honest when the fuck does Devon J Hall ever plan anything? I stumble into shit, and then act like I know everything because I am confident as fuck like that. La Lumiere Magazine is every writer's dream digital work book. It's a blog written in … Continue reading La Lumiere Magazine: The Official Launch

New Project Launch

So I am doing what's called a "soft" launch, essentially I am telling you it exists, but I am not really actively promoting it yet. I am working on another blog...if you will I am having a blog affair, with a project called Lumiere Magazine, or Light Magazine. It's all written by fictional characters, but … Continue reading New Project Launch

Fighting My Addictions

Hello my name is Siddha Lee Saint James, and I am an addict. I am addicted to emotional pain and trauma, I am a masochist.  The girl who was once the perpetual victim, and I have just returned home after a twenty six year stint as a Vampire Hunter. I have scars all over my … Continue reading Fighting My Addictions

Siddha Lee Saint James: Letter To The Elders

If someone asked me how I would describe Surrey, British Columbia, fifteen years ago I would have said it was absolutely full of color. There were murals on every spare brick wall, it was without a doubt the city of lights because of the way the street lamps would bounce off the painted walls and … Continue reading Siddha Lee Saint James: Letter To The Elders

Introducing Mary Margret Saint Cloud

Her Royal Highness Mary Magdalene Saint Cloud, if you were ever to meet her, was Canada's first Black Billion heiress. Born to a Jamaican Father and an English Mother, she inherited the keys to a tunnel known as the Underground Rail Road. A secret series of tunnels running through North America, controlled by the descendants … Continue reading Introducing Mary Margret Saint Cloud