Now the title may sound aggressive, but what I am about to say is difficult for me, so let me start with the days of old.

Centuries ago, women used to gather in the shadows of the world and they used this time to work together to affect change that made their lives better. Since the beginning of time, women have used powerful men to get their way.

From the shadows women have been manipulative diplomats for women kind everywhere, but somewhere in the last hundred years or so, or maybe it was always this way, women have started fighting against each other.

A big part of the divide between Black women and white women specifically, is that white women always had access to privileges that Black women couldn’t even have dreamt about even fifty years ago.

The idea of Kamala Harris running for Vice President is not new, this is four hundred years in the making, and women everywhere know that.

That’s why she’s so appealing to women regardless of their color, creed, nationality. Women are excited not just to see a woman, but a woman of color, because many women understand how much women of color have sacrificed and suffered.

Now that we are here, sitting around a giant table that is attempting to lift up Kamala Harris, I am finding that I have a group of amazing white friends, and a phenomenal group of Black and mixed race friends, and the three sides aren’t fitting together.

There are generations upon generations of resentments built up between white women and women of color, and at some point we’re going to have to make a decision.

We’re going to have to lock white women out of our circles all together, or we’re going to have to step up and decide that we’ll keep our circles sacred, while taking baby steps towards joining their circles.

There are several groups about cannabis that I am involved with on Facebook, only one of them is open to Black women specifically…which is fine, but my other groups are predominantly white.

Now we all know that people of color face more jail time than white people do when it comes to cannabis crimes, and even though cannabis is legal in Canada, there are still hundreds of Black men and women in Canada, in jail for petty weed crimes.

I get that, full stop, no excuses.

However, if we want to make life better for them, we need to get our asses through the fucking door, and that means joining spaces that are predominantly white, so that we can share our own damned stories.

“I am so tired of seeing our story told through white skin,” – Anonymous Canna User, yeah okay, well if that’s true, why the fuck aren’t you out there sharing your experience with people who are legit asking you…to share your experience?

I am fully aware – and I need every white person in the entire Cannabis Community to understand this- that the reason that so many parts of the cannabis industry are white, is purely because Black people, and people of color, are fucking terrified to dip their toe into an industry literally built on the imprisonment of their brothers and sisters.

I also know however, and I need every Black person who smokes weed to know this, that if we do not start now…the doors will close and it will be our fault.

Several weeks ago, I was approached by a white cannabis educator who asked me how they could reach out to the color people community (my words not hers) and invite them to sit at the table.

I had to chew on it for a bit, but it hit me, the reason that it’s not happening is because the Black community fucking came to you, five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago, eighty years ago, and said “let us help” and the white community said “fuck no.” Every time.

When 2Pac, Biggie, and Snoop bragged about smoking pot and getting high in their songs which made millions, they were called “thugs” “gangsters” “rapists” told they were on the “edge” of society and that they didn’t belong.

Did y’all catch that recent special between Snoop and Martha Stewart? guess which one served federal time.

If Snoop can make cooking shows with Martha, Fucking, Stewart, the WHITEST Woman on the planet, y’all can join a few fucking Facebook groups and let your voice be heard.

It takes strength to be the only woman of color in a zoom chat filled with white people, and share your story of mental health and your journey with cannabis, knowing that twenty years ago I would have been ridiculed for what I am praised for doing now.

Joining a Facebook group isn’t really that difficult, but being surrounded by people who don’t look like you, can be incredibly triggering for some people, and I understand that, believe me, I get anxious every time I try to post anything, because I am never sure how it’s going to drop.

However, there are very well known, very powerful women in the Cannabis industry holding the door open and saying “come on in” while so many of us are sitting out in the cold stubbornly convinced that we can do it on our own…that we have to do it on our own to prove a point.

We really gotta stop that shit, and build a bridge between us. We have to remember that women everywhere, regardless of creed, nationality, orientation at birth as designated by the government, or COLOR….are fighting against the same patriarchy that we’ve been fighting against for six hundred years.

We are attacking the exact same dumpster fire that is legalized Cannabis use, and let’s face it, the current system is NOT working for everyone, from so many different angles that we’re missing the heart of the fire storm.

When what we need to do, is circle around it and take up all that extra oxygen. I have learned that when working with people in Cannabis, triggering stories come out. We share our inner most secrets, because we each understand that many of us are healing.

So many of us are bonding with each other, and yet I can feel the cool wind from the open door, wondering where my sisters of color are, and I promise you it is so much better on this side.

I am not saying that we need to invite white women into our sacred spaces of color, but I am saying, they are inviting us into theirs, and we need to take advantage of this opportunity.

If we’re ever going to make a difference to people of color, I think starting with cannabis is the responsible thing to do.

I discovered a theory today, that perhaps Marijuana can be used to treat drug addiction and the disorders that come with that, as I know a couple of people in recovery doing exactly that and both have been very successful with their efforts.

Imagine the possibilities if we started working together? Imagine if the Black women friends, and the white men friends, who are all working in, using, educating people, or enjoying the benifits of cannabis started to work together?

And yes I know there are a lot of white men in the cannabis community who will fight against my plan to unite us against them, but I don’t actually give a fuck? I am tired of white men taking up all the oxygen in the fucking room, and I am ready to change the industry in the best way I know how.

So are you going to get off your ass and join us in the warmth? or are you going to stay away and NOT share your experience, and NOT teach people what you know, because you’re afraid they won’t hear you? Because I promise you they are listening.

There are opportunities to learn AND to teach, but if you’re not talking or listening, don’t bitch about not being heard or seen. The choice is entirely yours.

But y’all ain’t talking about it.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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