My trans sisters not withstanding, most women, know what it’s like to have a rushing Geiser of blood escape from between their legs and the associated nightmare that is the mind fuck of pain that comes with these blood vessels popping inside of us.

For some of us, it’s a monthly reminder that the universe is telling us to procreate or else, it seems often like a cruel joke by a God who doesn’t understand what it’s like to have someone shove their fist up the center of the aforementioned God dick. Yeah I said that shit. That’s what it feels like.

Only a cruel ironic bastard would design the human body so that more than half the population has to go through this cruel and evil monthly tradition, but here we are. That shit sucks.

Smoke a fucking joint.

Seriously, and I cannot stress this enough, I was the number one anti-pot smoking person on the planet, and after years of dealing with undiagnosed endometritis, I have finally come to the peaceful solution that is smoking pot, and now I almost never have periods.

This is a massive catch 22, because I am anemic, and so that means that my body isn’t providing me with enough blood red cells to have a period every single month, but it also means that when I do have a period, (I have to eat meat a few days a week to ensure that my body is healthy), I feel almost no pain.

I have been hospitalized more than once for the kind of pain that I have experienced in the past. I remember hours on end when I would stay home from school and from work, screaming and yelling for hours, genuinely traumatized by own body, which is a kind of hell I wouldn’t wish on any human.

There is something about endometritis that is violent and painful in a way that no other human can provide in our lives. It feels genuinely, like a betrayal, by your own body, and the kind of pain that comes with this…whatever the fuck it is, hormone imbalance or whatever, is fucking cruel. It’s traumatic to experience this kind of pain every month.

Smoke the fucking joint.

Naproxin worked for a few years when I was younger, but the problem is that not only does it damage your uterus, eventually it stops working, because it builds up in your system early and then you need higher and higher doses for it to work.

Morphine and Tylenol 3 often require high doses, but of all the things I have found that actually put a dent in the pain of having a monthly period, is Advil, coffee, and a joint.

These three things combined with the occasional heating or ice pack have completely changed my life.

Largely because of the abuse, but also because of the physical pain, I used to be angry all the time, and I would lash out at others, almost always easily triggered and frustrated because I was tired of carrying all that physical and emotional pain.

I don’t do that anymore. The other day I had a panic attack and it only lasted a few seconds, and rather than lash out, I calmly explained what I was experiencing, and was able to get through it.

I am in a whole new phase of growth and I can honestly say that I know what it feels like to feel like your own body is the fucking enemy, it’s craving what you refuse to give it. It’s craving thc, and cbd, because it knows that these things combined can help.

If you have a child under the age of eighteen, please consider a cannabis rub, which is a topical, and shouldn’t (if I remember correct) get you high. It will however relax the muscles that cause the pain of endometritis, and help you to get through your day. There are plenty of reputable dispensaries you can go to, including Shoppers Drug Mart.

If you are a young woman who is experiencing the kind of pain and trauma that I’ve talked about today due to your period, please talk to a doctor about smoking or imbibing in weed.

If I had had some kind of edible as a child, I would have been saved a ton of pain and suffering as I grew into my current body.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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