This post has been completely altered from it’s original version. 

Dear Karen, 

You are a selfish, narcissistic, terrible and awful human being who doesn’t really understand the point of humanity. Or you are secretly a demon sent here to destroy us. 

Those are your options, at least one of them ends with you going to hell. In the midst of the world’s first pandemic in one hundred years.

You refuse to wear a mask not because it hinders you from running your mouth but because it prevents the world from knowing your name which is what you really want. 

You try to ruin the lives of Black people, not because they affect you in anyway, but because you are a jealous little bitch. Yeah that’s right I fucking said that shit. 

More than once you have chosen to be the enemy of a Black person instead of a friend and every single time the universe has punished you for it. 

You lost your business. 

Your friends won’t talk to you anymore. 

No matter what your name is, you are now only identified as “Karen” and while you have a sisterhood of women who are just like you, y’all will never be true friends because you will always spend your life trying to hurt other people, instead of enriching your life by being kind. 

You’re pathetic. 

This is it right here. This is good versus evil, and you are not on our side. You are deliberately trying to cause a ruccus to drive us away from the real work so that we’ll focus on you and so that for a tiny infinite amount of time the world knows that you exist.

The thing is, that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be an evil awful little bitch of a faerie, you could be nice and kind and oh I don’t know, happy? Do you know how I know you’re fucking miserable?

Happy people don’t set out to hurt and steal from others, that which does not belong to the unhappy.

I would feel sorry for you, but for Brionna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, but for Christian Cooper, who thankfully survived.

But for the hundreds of thousands of Black men and women, and trans people who have had the cops called on them simply for existing in your line of sight.

I would feel sorry for you Karen, but the thing is you set out to destroy lives while destroying your own. Every single time one of you sets out to hurt one of us, the Universe slaps you back, and until you learn that lesson there will never be peace between the Karen’s, Kelly’s and Jen’s of the world.

There can’t be peace while you’re practicing the art of evil.

I send you love, none the less, in hopes that you find your own inner light and stop trying to extinguish ours.

Devon J Hall

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