So I am doing what’s called a “soft” launch, essentially I am telling you it exists, but I am not really actively promoting it yet.

I am working on another blog…if you will I am having a blog affair, with a project called Lumiere Magazine, or Light Magazine. It’s all written by fictional characters, but it’s based loosely on my experience with rape and sexual abuse.

It’s my way of dealing with my issues by using art, and I am really excited about it. It’s like a digital soap opera, with each of the characters sharing their thoughts and experiences, their feelings on the world and their new found freedom.

The main story follows Siddha Lee Saint James and her friends just shortly after they escape the Kingston Kent Cult based out of Alberta and British Columbia.

So each of the posts is about their healing journey, and not all of them share stories of pleasant experiences.

It’s hard to write because it means digging into parts of myself that I haven’t ever even looked at before, and it’s scary because it’s a new project, it’s a fiction project and I am nervous about how others will react when they see it.

It’s something that I hope will help me process my grief. It continues of course to be troublesome, because writing about those days is complicated, embellishing them for the sake of a story is harder.

I am cognizant of the fact that what I am writing about is something that very real people have experienced, and so I try to keep that in mind with each new character I create.

Not all of the characters will remain….I sort of feel like what I am doing is building a storyboard, but doing it in such a way that real people can view it with me and offer their thoughts.

It’s giving me something to focus on, so that I am not sitting around each day and I have to tell you I am really proud of it. I keep writing and deleting posts, because unlike this blog, this new project is about finding the right mix of characters so the true story I want to tell can come out.

It’s new, and interesting and it’s something that’s never been done before so I am excited about it.If you’d like to check it out please join me Here.

I’ll still be writing here of course, that’ll never change, but this new project is one way that I don’t have to focus on myself all the time. Its a new way to share stories of abuse, something I have never done before….especially “in character”. I can share things through these characters that I would never feel comfortable sharing here.

So I hope you like it,

Devon J Hall

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