If someone asked me how I would describe Surrey, British Columbia, fifteen years ago I would have said it was absolutely full of color. There were murals on every spare brick wall, it was without a doubt the city of lights because of the way the street lamps would bounce off the painted walls and streets of our fair town.

That was fifteen years ago however, when Dianne Watts was in charge, sadly she’s not in charge any more – and believe me there is no one more surprised than myself to be saying those words.

There are just under eight hundred thousand people in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, by all standards a hamlet, a small town really. It’s only a city because it’s so spread out, for instance I, Siddha Lee Saint James, live in Whalley. One of thirteen city districts in the “City” known as Surrey Proper.

I am also one of about thirteen hundred Roma Gypsy’s who live in this city, and every single one of us are as isolated from each other as possible.

Most Gypsy’s tend to stay with their tribes, but ours has been at war for more than a century, which is why it’s been so easy for Jonah Kingston to pick us off one by one.

And who is Jonah Kingston you ask? Jonah Kingston is the guy that loves to destroy lives with his sick twisted blood rituals, while simultaneously appealing to the world with his “new age” ideas that are less about helping people better themselves and more about making money.

Why does any of this matter? because as you the Council of the Elders of the Table of Krisya are reading this report, I Siddha, Lee, Saint James, am stuck in the middle of the fucking war zone.

If you could send reinforcements that would be just fucking lovely, but no worries, take your time, it’s not like the life of an innocent girl is on the line or anything.

Siddha Lee Saint James
Auraliean Elemental Priestess
Surrey, British Columbia

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