Her Royal Highness Mary Magdalene Saint Cloud, if you were ever to meet her, was Canada’s first Black Billion heiress.

Born to a Jamaican Father and an English Mother, she inherited the keys to a tunnel known as the Underground Rail Road. A secret series of tunnels running through North America, controlled by the descendants of American Slaves and First Nations or Aboriginal people.

There are thirteen keys in total that work as skeleton keys to open any door in any of the tunnels, and only the thirteen people with the keys know where there is an entrance.

Mary was one of those people, married herself to John Jack Deighton of Vancouver, British Columbia, Mary opened up a school for wayward Indian First Nations and African Slave children just outside of Vancouver proper in a place now referred to as Point Gray for which the school is named.

Point Gray Academy was a melting pot of children of all nations to come together and live on the property while learning from Canadian Teachers.

One of the few schools who hired seven Aboriginal women to teach classes such as English, Science and Herbology…which leads us to the little known secret about Point Gray Academy.

It is incredibly exclusive, catering only to Descendants of the Krisya Nation, from the outside the students are considered orphan children, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

The students who attend Point Gray Academy get one of the most well rounded educations in the world in preparation for College, University or any potential Trades program.

A diploma from Point Gray Academy is an almost get in free card for any school on the planet, and that’s because of the secrets that are held within the confines of the brick building.

It is said that for every square mile of the three and a half mile property of the school, Mary Margret dropped a quarter pint of her own blood to ensure that her blood would be tilled in the four corners of the property for the rest of time.

It is said her blood protects the four story castle depicting building. The building has seven Gargoyle’s who stand guard at the different nautical points of the peaked roof building.

There are exactly four hundred and twenty students on the property at any given time of the day, but never more than four hundred and nineteen ever enrolled, though no one is sure why.

Some say it is for Saint Mary herself who supposedly took her own life from the bell tower at the south corner of the building, in desperation to teach her students that life was not at all about majick and power.

Others say she was tossed off the roof by an angry student who was jealous, or whatever, no one knows for sure. Each stoner whose attended their school has their own ideas o what happened to Saint Mary, me personally I swear she got sick and tired of people leaching off of her and took off. With a Black man, because even though most of the student population was made up of mixed race children, it was still considered wrong for people in her money bracket.

Mary loved Jefferson Augustine Saint James, a man who no one really knows much about, but he was the grandfather of Siddha Lee Saint James, daughter of Isabella Saint James and Jonah Lee Kent.

What people don’t know about Mary was that she was nicknamed Saint Mary not because of her good works with “orphaned” children, but because she was single handedly responsible for destroying Prohibition by ensuring that the streets of Vancouver were neatly flavoured with Whiskey and Weed.

She was Vancouver British Columbia’s First Black Woman Billionaire, She was also their first Black Female Gangster, and no one knew it.

She was of Native, English, Irish and Jamaican descent, and she knew everything about her background but the Native Ancestors from which she was descended. That information died with the Residential School Systems.

It was her greatest shame that she was never proudly able to claim her Aboriginal Heritage, but to the day she died, she wore a red dot near her heart so she would never forget, that blood was always and would always be, thicker than water.

The sapphire broach was her way of telling the world that one day someone would find her blood Native heritage, and in honour of that, each student at Saint Mary’s Point Gray Academy is granted a red sapphire broach in the shape of a Red Bird with black wings in a gold circle upon graduation.

It is said though the school claims today to run on donations and grants from the Government, they continue to sell weed using the underground rail road, and that their number one attended class has always been Herbology.

But then people say a lot of things about places they don’t understand so who knows….for all you know, the Majick of Mary’s blood continues to run through the soil, the school is hidden so you can’t see it…which means every word of this story could be true.

But you won’t believe that, because then you’d have to admit that majick is real.

It’s said if you can find your way to the entrance of the tunnels on your own you can gain access to the school, but I say if you really want to see the school all you have to do is sit on Burnaby Mountain and be high out of your fucking tree.

Because everything makes more sense when you’re high. That’s the school motto, just so you know.

Sending all our love,

The Graduating Class of 2020,

Here’s to the next generation of stoners.


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