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Surrey…Its Time To Clean Up Your Shit

Okay so this weekend I kinda just hung around the house and listened to the universe talk and decided to check out on all news but its Monday morning, and I decided to check the news. On Sunday local reporter Bhinder Sajan posted this article about a Grandmother who was out with her grandchildren and… Continue reading Surrey…Its Time To Clean Up Your Shit

Surrey BC

Another Fatal Shooting in #SurreyBC, Without An End In Sight

Another fatal shooting, another young man murdered in cold blood while neighbors and witnesses watch in horror. It feels like this is a never ending problem, and I am curious as to how long we can keep pretending that we don't have a gun problem in this town, and nothing seems to get done about… Continue reading Another Fatal Shooting in #SurreyBC, Without An End In Sight

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Introducing Mary Margret Saint Cloud

Her Royal Highness Mary Magdalene Saint Cloud, if you were ever to meet her, was Canada's first Black Billion heiress. Born to a Jamaican Father and an English Mother, she inherited the keys to a tunnel known as the Underground Rail Road. A secret series of tunnels running through North America, controlled by the descendants… Continue reading Introducing Mary Margret Saint Cloud


Dear T.I….You’re doing it wrong.

I really respected you, I even liked your music. I like the way you talk to kids about gang violence and reach out into your community to give back, but when it comes to your daughter you're fucking up in all the wrong ways. You've already made it clear that you value your son's privacy… Continue reading Dear T.I….You’re doing it wrong.


First ever #AfterAbuseChat

I came up with this idea one night when the character voices in my head wouldn't shut up and I was high thinking of things I could do, to heal from all this darkness. I kept hearing it play over and over again, and so the next day I asked my friend Heather from Twitter… Continue reading First ever #AfterAbuseChat