Theres a homeless man living in a tent…so call the Police.

I used to work with the homeless in some cases, twenty-four hours a day, so I feel I have some experience dealing with the issues that they live with. Such as Poverty, Drug Addiction and of course, Homelessness.

Last night a neighbor was talking about a person living up the street in a tent, another neighbor decided to call the police and I can’t explain to you how fucking angry that makes me.

Granted they are camping on private land, but the fact is this is a person who doesn’t have a home, they aren’t bothering anyone as far as we know, and now they are out of time because the countdown has begun.

“You know what will happen, it always starts with one…” It’s not illegal to be homeless, it is not illegal to live on the streets, and the Police are not the saving grace you think they are. Sure they will come and remove this person’s property from the private land, and they will throw it in the garbage, and now not only will they be homeless, they will be homeless without a tent to protect them from the elements. Do you feel good about yourself now?

I know that people are concerned about the Police taking over the RCMP in Surrey, largely because we’ll have less officers on the streets not more but I’m concerned more with whether or not we’ll have more effective policing with the Police system than we do currently have with the RCMP.

To date I still have not heard a single word from the RCMP about my case, and yet I’m supposed to feel safe with them in this city? No. I don’t. I will never forget the day a rookie RCMP officer called for back up on my friend Tim. He felt scared and attacked, when Backup finally showed up, running across the King George Highway, they legit just laughed at the Rookie and said “That’s Tim, he’s fucking harmless.” Which is entirely true.

Those who live without homes are not a danger at large, mostly they just want what we have, a safe place to feel loved, secure and fed. The fact that some of them are on drugs does not change the fact that calling the police on people who are living homelessly, is a fucking extra dose of cruelty.

What you need to understand about Drugs is that they are the warm embrace that those who use them are looking for. They are the band aid, the hug, the love that humans are consistently searching for and never receive. Until we start treating people like actual people, we’re not going to have the change that Doug McCallum has been promising.

What we need, in all seriousness is buildings that give people the semblance of feeling like they can have a home. There is zero reason we cannot have single room occupancy buildings in Surrey, other than the fact that Surrey doesn’t want to attract more low income people into the city. They would rather we have homeless people camping on private land or on hills tucked off the fucking highway, which is a disgusting look for any city.

The average person on Disability gets about $575-$650 dollars on their check each month, rent is usually between $800-1000 dollars per month. That’s not fair, nor is it the way this country should be treating it’s citizens. If people can’t afford to have a home to live, but they can afford to have a tent leave them the fuck alone.

Don’t call the cops just because you’re worried they might be a bad person, call someone who could actually help them. What y’all SHOULD be doing is calling City Hall and demanding that they actually do something to help the Homeless instead of punishing them for being homeless, because the latter just makes you a fucking dick.

What do you think, am I being too harsh?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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